Most Popular Thermostat elevated by Hubitat in 2021

We are starting the new "Year in Review " series with the Most Popular Thermostat that works with Hubitat Elevation. Please vote for your favorite device.

If your favorite device is not on the list, then select "Other" and drop a comment below, to share which device is your favorite.

  • Pearl Thermostat (Zigbee)
  • Ecobee (Integration)
  • Honeywell T6 Pro (Z-Wave)
  • Zen thermostat (Zigbee )
  • LUX KONOz Thermostat (Zigbee)
  • GoControl Thermostat (Z-Wave)
  • Other

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*for a complete list of compatible thermostats, check out the "List of Compatible Devices". Our engineers have tested 31 different models (see Thermostat under "Device Type" column).

Google Nest Thermostat (Integration) +1


Tado thermostat using 'Tado Connect' user app.
Presence using Tado app never seems to miss a beat.

Cloud based integration.


I use ecobee. While they do seem to have a lot of outages it doesn't really affect me because the thing still works when their cloud is down. Its all automated.

Voting on this is hard though as I haven't tried any of the others. I doubt Ecobee is the best one and if I had to do it again I'd probably look more into a z-wave or zigbee thermostat to cut out the cloud dependency.


RadioThermostat CT101


Great point! This is a popularity contest not a technical review. I changed the category to "Most Popular" instead of "Best"


Should probably be on another category but Sinope ZigBee electric baseboard thermostat.


I had already invested in Google Nest thermostats. My Nests are wifi and I have them, as well as Habitat connected through Alexa. If I was purchasing today, Zen would probably top my list from reading what I find here. My having the best stability and least issues with Zigbee connections.
I hesitate to switch as these are fairly new, without issue and still integrated to my overall system.

Voted Other for the Sinope thermostats.


My other is Remotec ZXT-600 Z-wave

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While an excellent product, it's no longer made :frowning:

I have one for the floor heating in my master bath. Damn those things are pretty


That is a shame they are no longer made. It is extremely reliable with my Hubitat.

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I picked the Honeywell Pro T6 because its heating algorithm works the best.

I've used a Pearl and liked it but the heating control allowed too much overshoot.

I use an ecobee because it has a wireless remote sensor. I don't use the cloud portion, but I get annoyed by its lack of local API. I also find changing the temperature locally is a pia.

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I still have the CT-101. The reason I don't use it was because it is Z-Wave, and would constantly fail to respond to the scheduled or mode changes when we left and returned. I moved to the Zen Zigbee Edition. I had some issues at first, but those were resolved and the Zen Zigbee Edition has been a solid performer. My rules may have something to do with that as I have rules that check whether the settings are appropriate for mode and time of day.

Edit: I also tried the Centralite Pearl and found functionality very much lacking.

My « Other » vote is for the Sinopé TH112XZB. Love its simplicity and that it can display the outside temperature. Really like also that the display can be turned on and off via Hubitat.

Overall a superbe baseboard heater thermostat.


Would very much like to see Hive support for UK market.

Mine has been working flawlessly. I find it more reliable than the Honeywell I used to have. I am through with cloud based servers for control.

I ditched honeywell lyric because of the constant issues. Bought 4 ecobee thermostats with additional sensors and I couldn't be happier. My automations are rock solid.

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I'm limited in choices by not having a C-wire in either location. My first Smart Thermostat was the Nest Gen2 which is still downstairs and has worked great, I love that it is both remote controlled and can be scheduled on the thermostat itself, however when I want to lock it at a temp through some schedule changes there isn't a good option for that. I recently bought a Perl Zigbee thermostat for upstairs since Nest didn't work well as it would trigger the fan on the AC when it was looking for power I think, even when it was on heat (it doesn't have that problem downstairs since that one only controls the boiler), I wasn't impressed with how simple the Perl is not even a human readable menu but codes, however it does seem to work well with the zigbee commands and thermostat app.

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