Most Popular Thermostat elevated by Hubitat in 2021

Are you using the cloud Integrations or something local?

I use the pearl but admit it lacks in features. However what I really use is the built in thermostat controller. I mean... Why pay for all that stuff in the t stat when hubitat is way more configurable. I had the CT but it was zwave and wasn't repeating well for me. I'm happier with the ZigBee pearl.

So my vote is the built in thermostat controller

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Webcore is my automations engine. Technically you could've said it was cloud based automations until a week ago but now I'm hosting WC locally. I've never had any issues with the automations on the echobees (compared to honeywell). I HAVE seen others complaining about ecobee outages but I haven't experienced that, but it does sound eerily similar to what I put up with on honeywell for two years.


For me Sinopé is the way! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure but Ecobee itself is cloud based. It uses a cloud integration to work not a local API. The honeywell T6 Pro z-wave is also 100% local and reliable.

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Update to my favorite Thermostat...

One suggestion I see is to use Hubitat as a thermostat. Personally I'm not comfortable not having a real thermostat involved.

My reason being: Most thermostats have a Max heat setpoint for heating (the Pearl has a min as well) and a cool min for A/C. These cannot be changed remotely, they are set from the thermostat menu. This protects the system from inadvertent changes to extreme settings.

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Tried a couple others but landed on Sinope Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats. They are easy to set up and work beautifully. Recommended by my power company and got a rebate.


I love the Sinopé Thermostats, but have the Zigbee version. Were you able to connect the Wifi version to Hubitat?

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second this as I have 5 for the baseboards in the house, work almost flawlessly.


I have one in a box.... I liked it but the GoControl suited my Goodman HVAC system better....

Sinope thermostats are working very well for me!

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I have been asking Ecobee to open up locally for services for years now. Each year I get the same response that the cloud API is the only way for 3rd parties to integrate. Funny they allow HomeKit to directly integrate with the thermostat but not others.


Curious, do most of the thermostats on the list work with standard features of HVAC? I've been frustrated that my Bryant with some of its proprietary features won't work with 3rd party smart thermostats.

I guess another question, which HVAC brands work well with 3rd party thermostats?

Can you view the votes without voting in the survey?

This is pretty common. A lot "smart" hvac equipment won't work well with a smart thermostat.


It's because of Thread. If HE supported thread, likely they could integrate like that as well.

My vote is for Stelpro Ki thermostat, Zigbee. Not officially supported, but still works really well.

Usually all thermostats (within some limitations like supporting enough stages etc) are compatible with all HVAC equipment at a basic level.

The issue comes in when you want things like a 2-wire communicating thermostat, that is proprietary. Or things like variable speed blowers or variable speed compressors that are controlled by a thermostat. Or other accessories like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, zone dampers, and so on.

What usually happens when you pair smart equipment with a "wrong" thermostat is that it defaults back to being a dumb piece of equipment. Instead of your A/C compressor having infinite stages, it reverts back to a 2-stage. Or the blower motor instead of ramping and having variable speeds turns back into a simple stepped motor with a couple fixed speeds.

To me, it isn't worth losing all the smart features of the thermostat just for connectivity to my home. I really wish it wasn't that way, it is ridiculous to lock people into a closed ecosystem with no path for integration especially when these companies don't offer any other smart home devices.


I use ecobee for the wireless sensors as well. The cloud stuff is nice to have but I use the integration really only for reporting. And cool gauges. I have steam radiators and a boiler in a 4,000 sq ft 4 story house. No zones - wasn't a thing when the house was built. The boiler is new but the radiators are original. The house manages to stay pretty consistent, within a couple of degrees throughout.

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RadioThermostat CT101 x 2ea

Great themostat, sadly not made anymore.

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