More questions about Smart Locks

I want to buy a smart lock to pair with my Hubitat C-5. I have very little experience here, seeking some helpful pointers. I think I have narrowed my selection down to 2 locks that I like, but any advice from those who have experience would be great!

I've been looking at the Ultraloq Ubolt Z-Wave (no fingerprint version) and the Schlage Connect Z-Wave Plus model. I already have Schlage locks at home, so I am assuming I could swap cylinders and keep all my locks on the same key if I go that route.

I like the looks of the Ultraloq better, but I have read it doesn't support some ZWave features so I was hoping somebody might have some experience with this. I specifically want whatever lock I go with to be fully functional thru Hubitat. Must work with Lock Code Manager for setting up codes, and must report which code or name was just entered for Rule Machine automations. I also have read that the Ultraloq may require the C7 or newer hub but wasn't sure if that's really the case or not.

Any other tips, pointers, or other products I should consider instead of these?

I've tested the fingerprint version, but unless something is different about the others (and I haven't read that it is...), the Ultraloq will not work for your use case. It does not report use of codes over Z-Wave, only lock/unlock itself. (I'm also not a fan of the lock in general for Z-Wave; you need the Ultraloq app to put it into pairing mode--no button on the device itself--so, unlike with most Z-Wave devices, you're depending on both that and the company to still be around any time you need to perform these basic network operations. Seems more like an afterthought than a primary function.)

Between the two, that would leave the Schlage Connect as the one that would meet your needs. Some people have had bad luck with these (e.g., missing events it should have sent back to the hub, etc.), but I believe that mostly affected the older, non-Plus Z-Wave models, and only certain unlucky firmware versions. I don't think I've seen any complaints about the newer model. With any Z-Wave lock, however, you'll need a good mesh network, including beaming repeaters (most are nowadays, but check the conformance doc to be sure) between the hub and your device, for the most reliable outcomes.

That said, the Ultraloq does still meet one need: it takes Schlage cores, and they're easy to swap out. :slight_smile:


Ultraloq ZWave only reports lock/unlocked. That's it. So stupid for a "smart device" as compared to some of it comptitors. I have one and would never buy one again based on that fact.


The Kwikset 916 Zwave version (because they sell several versions of the 916) does all of what you want except maybe allow you to use the same keys.
The Kwikset locks come with a "SmartLock" feature that allows you to rekey the lock. This will work if your other locks use the same keyway. It used to be that each mfg used their own keyway, but that is often no longer the case. The way to determine if you could rekey the Kwikset to your existing keys is go to a local store that has a Kwikset lock on display and see if the key for your other doors fits into the lock. In other words, do they use the same blanks? If so, it is highly probable the Kwikset Smart Lock feature will work to rekey the lock to use your existing keys.

The Yale Assure locks seem to be well regarded and come in both zwave and zigbee versions. I've been very happy with my zigbee model. Replacement cylinders are available to match Schlage keys, and any local shop should be able to rekey it for you. That's what I did.

FWIW, it does seem like I've heard people who have experience with both types (zigbee and zwave) seem to be happier with the zigbee locks, although that may be due to other factors. Maybe one of those folks will weigh in.

Edit: Threads like this one are the ones i was referring to. Just seems to me like most of the folks with issues have/had zwave locks...

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I have experienced issues with Z-Wave back when I was just starting off and only had a few Z-Wave devices scattered around. Nowadays, I have a pretty vast Z-Wave mesh going on and typically my Z-Wave devices now just work reliably and I haven't had problems in years.

When it comes to Zigbee, I also have a pretty decent mesh network going on there too, but my Zigbee network is ENTIRELY Aqara and Ikea devices, and at the moment it works flawlessly. I have been hesitant to add any non-Aqara or Ikea devices, as I have read around here that those devices seem to not play well with other brands.

The Yale locks do look nice. I'll look into it.
The Kwikset 916 model also looks pretty nice.

I guess the Schlage lock that I was looking at is practically impossible to find at the moment...

Well I went with Yale Assure 2 with ZWave Plus. Ultimately, it has the sleekest design. I like that they have a version with physical buttons instead of the touchscreen. I hope it works out well.