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Months ago I released a website to display HPM Documentation in a more curated style than a GitHub README. Today I'm augmenting it to display the name of every Package's Name, Owner and Description.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 7.50.46 PM

click on the image to visit.

The Description might be meagre because the data in the HPM manifest is what's on display:

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 7.57.19 PM

To overcome that, I've added a new keyword to allow additional text to appear in this website:

The new keyword is completely ignored by HPM, it's only used for this specific website.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 8.02.41 PM

I hope to encourage all developers to take advantage of the Marketing opportunity and touch their HPM manifests to add the new keyword:

"descriptive" is the new keyword.

Be very careful to check your JSON when adding large text strings. I recommend



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This is fantastic, thank you!

I am working no this right now. Couple of questions

How long will it take to propagate to the site?
Can the old "description" support line breaks at all? If I put an html <br> in there will it come out correctly in the app?

The old description keyword is used:

I'm not sure that multiline is a benefit. Which is why I created the 2nd keyword "descriptive" -- expecting it to be multiline.

I just have all the supported models in there and its kind of long and ugly on the new site. Was hoping to break it up. Guess I will try a br and see what happens.



I forgot to answer this... This website simply uses the DB that I created to facilitate Fast Search. That DB is rebuilt every 20 mins (0/20/40)

This Linter seems to give better errors, the one you lined to was not telling me exactly where the issue was.

That being said, I still could not figure out its problem

I got it work using a JSON escaper, here is what I did if anyone else is interested:
Used this site to build the HTML code:
Copy and paste the HTML code to this: JSON Escape / Unescape Online - AppDevTools
Then put that into your JSON and use a linter:

Passed Lint test, we will see how it looks on the other side.

@csteele Nice work! One suggestion, could we include a link to the community post and/or Github documentation link? My descriptions are somewhat short and sweet so having a link to more details would be useful.

The repository.json currently doesn't have attributes for these but the referenced packageManifest.json for each item does. I would expect allowing a few extra key:values within the repository.json could easily solve this versus trying to query for each package details.

I am just putting the links in the html formatted JSON string. I have 3 more to do then we will see what happens when I post it.

UPDATE: The html line break in the original description works in both places. The descriptive came out well following my instructions above. @csteele Font on the site is maybe a little large though.

I look at your entry on my iPad mini and it looks great. :slight_smile:

There are 6 screen breaks based on Max-Width: 320px , 480px , 736px , 980px , 1140px, 1680px
using a range of only three font-sizes: 12pt - 14pt. I don't know when I'll have ample time to do the research :slight_smile: Obviously font-size interacts with padding and couple other elements. Getting the balance right is why I used a Template to begin with :smiley:

I've added the version at the top, and two links at the bottom:

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Awesome thank you! Looks great.

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