Monitor my Freezer Door

Day 3 with HE, already migrated 50 devices from ST and set up automations, etc. HSM configured, etc.

I have a freezer in the garage, with a open/close sensor; I want to get an alert when it's been left open more than N minutes, but it's not obvious how to do that with HE. Is there a special app for something like that, or do I need to go to Rule Machine?

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This is something you can easily do in Rule Machine (although I say that after having struggled with it myself initially). This is the rule I have to notify me if the door to my Shed is open for more than 5 minutes:

I have the notification repeat every 10 minutes for as long as the door is open. My notifications are shown on sign devices I have in various spots in my home. The most important concepts in this example are the use of DELAY (cancelable), REPEAT (stopable) and CANCEL DELAYED ACTIONS (if the door closes before 5 minutes) and STOP REPEATING ACTIONS.

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Awesome -- sounds like the same thing I need. Can you elaborate on the notifications? I would just want it to alert on the Mobile App, I imagine.

I would like to know that the "Send GET to: does. I am not familiar with this. Thanks.

If you want to receive notifications on the mobile app your phone, you need to need to add it as a notification device. The device type is Mobile App Device:

Something to note on the example I gave is that the rule fires both when the door opens and closes, and different commands run (show the notification or stop showing the notification) based on the IF-THEN statement I have in the actions. This was the toughest thing for me to understand about RM.

That GET statement is for me to clear the message off one of my display devices. It is not something you would usually do.

Why not use the Notification App


Since I had actions which needed to be taken when the open door condition was no longer true, it was easier for me to consolidate both sets of actions into one rule. If you are just firing of a message when something is true, the Notification app would work just as well.

Now I'm wondering whether I've just answered my own question -- in the 'Notifications' app, it would appear that you can monitor a contact sensor that's been open for at least N minutes...

Our messages crossed paths... :slight_smile:

As long as you are not needing to take more actions than notification you did answer your own question, but if you need to take further actions you should pic this up in Rule Manager

If freezer door left open for > 5 minutes and wife is present
Tazer wife
Tazer kids


What are the sign devices? Are they commercial products?

Not really, they are devices I adapted to be IP enabled. I talk about them more here: HE-driven colored lights, scrolling signs, other kinds of indicators?

Cool, thanks! Great work.