Moes Smart Curtain Switch Module (MS-108ZR)

Hello dear community,

I just bought a Moes Smart Curtain Switch Module (of Chinese make - added a screenshot), since I've been using Sonoff for some time now and been quite happy with the reuslts and also because I could not find an appropriate substitute that works with 240v (I live in Israel).

After the initial installation it seems like the Generic Zigbee Shade driver works well, with one exception, the set limit of "close" of the switch is far from being actually closed (more like 40%).

I tried the Zemismart driver as well because I saw people having good experience with same models bought on AliExpress, but that driver didn't work at all (not even open/close).

Does anybody have any idea how to set the limits for that kind of switch? Notw that the actual motor as its own limits, so there is no actual need for the switch to have those as well, if that makes sense (at least from the motor's perspective).

I even thought of connecting the switch through its dedicated app but that requires a dedicated hub which I yet to obtain, so not sure if that solution would work (a reset will be made to then pair to Hubitat so that's a long shot anyways).

Appreciate any help here. Thanks!


Please identify this Zigbee device model and manufacturer (HE device web page, Device Details’ section)

See screenshot attached. It's Tuya I believe but the name of the manufacturer on it is Moes.

I just saw another thread you posted on with the exact same model and make: Switches and dimmer modules from AliExpress

Thanks for your help!

This device should be supported in the Zemismart Zigbee Blind driver :

Yea, I saw that thread before bying it, tried it and it didn't work at all. Not even simple open/close...

Give some more details - debug logs as an example.

When you paired the device to the Hubitat hub, was the Zemismart driver selected automatically?
If not, remove the device and pair it again as a new one.

Better, before removing and re-pairing it - test if the TS130F Calibration command in the Zemismart driver works for your device.
Copy and paste the debug logs following the calibration commands.

I've tried removing it and paring it again. It pairs properly but chooses the "Device" driver instead of the Zemismart one.
When I try to choose the Zemsismart driver it gives me a 500 error (that's a new thing).
I'm sharing the logs as well...


From the live logs posted above, click on the INFO hyperlink-it should open the HE device page. The Devi ID has been changed after the removal and re-discovery.

Yes, looks like you're right.
I got error message " Device 7 does not exist on this hub." when pressed on INFO hyperlink...
What should I do in this case?

And as for the driver, should I install it differently? The switch doesn't come with any installation guidelines other than the physical installation. I've seen switches that have a way to set the limits after initial installation but mine didn't...

Thanks for the help!

Clear the live logs and cycle power off / power on. If it is paired to the hub, you may see some debug or info logs.

Or just pair it again to HE.

You can try the Zemismart Zigbee Blinds driver calibration commands for TS130F model.

Should I input "val" as well?

Try with 5 - should mean 5 seconds timeout

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Clearing logs and shutting off/on didn't work.

Anything else I can try before I give up? Changing device ID manually?

No, just pair it again to the hub.
Do you know how to put it it into pairing mode?

Sure. I do it over and over again but still getting the Error 500 when trying to Save Device after i choose the Zemismart driver.

Probably there is something wrong with the driver installation? If the driver was installed from HPM - do a Repair. Otherwise - delete and install the driver again manually.

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It worked! Works flawlessly now!
Thanks so much!!!

Even got the calibration to work perfectly btw... Awesome driver!

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