Moe's Dimmer Module 2ch

Hello everyone,

I've bought several Moes ZigBee Dimmer Switches 2CH and I can't have more than one channel working.
I'm using @CPS driver, thanks a lot for that, and I'm able to control only one channel as he wrote this driver for a single channel device.
I've absolutely no idea how to edit driver's code to make it two gang, I have zero experience with coding.

Could someone give me a hand ?

My device :

Fingerprint :

@CPS Driver:

Thanks a lot.

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Is there any tutorial or content that teaches how to edit or develop drivers for Hubitat devices ?

Hi @jmarcim ,

Did you manage to find a solution for your device _TZE200_e3oitdyu searching Hubitat forum?

Thanks @kkossev for the tip, I managed to find this driver by searching :

And now I can switch on and off both channels.
Hubitat recognizes the devices automatically as soon as it is discovered.

But still I can't set levels, no matter the value I inform and click set level nothing happen.

I don't know what to do.

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