Modifying Network ID of a z-wave device to use a placeholder while re-pairing with hub

A Leviton Z-Wave plus dimmer of mine that has been rock solid for years, suddenly stopped responding. Pulled the air gap, reset the hub, did a z-wave repair, tried refreshing from the device page. Nothing. No ghost nodes in my z-wave table either.

So I think it needs to be excluded and re-added at this point...

2 questions:

  1. why would this have happened all of a sudden? It's not that far from the hub and there is at least one other z-wave repeating/beaming device between it and the hub as well.

  2. this switch is associated with at least a dozen automations which would be a huge pain to go in and edit every rule with a placeholder device, and then go back in to edit the original switch back in again once it's re-paired. Can I create a virtual device, give it the same Network ID as the switch, then change the network ID of the switch to remove it from the automations, exclude the switch from the hub then re-pair it with the hub, then swap network IDs of the re-paired switch with the placeholder device to insert it back into my automations?

If this device is on a C-7, have your tried a Replace?

Settings:ZWave Details Find your device, click refresh and when it offers a Replace, click it. It will re-verify the device is not responding and the hub will then tell you to to click the button (meaning do the dance required by the manufacturer to get the device into Include mode.)

It should just drop the device right back into the DNI it had before. I've done this myself greater than 4 times and although I can't say it worked first time every time. :slight_smile: it has worked for me.

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No, unfortunately it's a C5. That sounds like it would have been slick if I had a C7! Any way to replicate this on a C5?

Not exactly, but that Replace feature exists within PC Controller, so if you have that second ZStick and it's joined to your mesh, you do much the same thing, just the buttons are labeled differently :smiley:

Clicking Refresh on the C7 is the same as clicking Is Failed? in PC Controller and then Replace on the C7 is Replace Failed on PC Controller.

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Unfortunately I don't have a z-stick either! 0 for 2!

Do you know if creating a virtual devices as a placeholder and swapping Network IDs as mentioned in the original post would work?

You don't really need to swap DNI in that example. You create a Virtual device, swap it in to every Rule, then since the old device is now Used By nothing, it can be deleted.

Then, reset the device per the manufacturers instructions, and Include it again. Personally, I just start with an Exclude because it gives me a positive feedback that the Hub and device can talk. Can't create a Ghost with an Exclude :slight_smile: If the exclude goes well, I immediately start an Include.

Now you have your device back and you can just swap in every Used By of the placeholder Virtual.

The Remove of the dead device is going to be the place where things can go bad. The hub should recognize that the device isn't responding and do the delete completely. It might pop up with a Force Delete and I always cancel out in this situation and circle back around and try a 2nd time. And then a 3rd. On the 4th, I'll take the Force Delete. But I have PC Controller and a 'spare' ZStick so I can always go clean up.

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This is the part I'm hoping to avoid because the device is associated with over a dozen rules and it's going to take forever to remove it from every instance of every rule and then add it back again.

I have 4 hubs plus Node-Red, interconnected. When I need to do this I have to hunt it down on potentially 5 'hubs' although the average is just 3.

If you really want to avoid this, then it's time to spend the $35 to get a USB Zwave controller, and start downloading PC Controller. :smiley:

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Actually, come to think of it I do have a USB Stick from when I updated the firmware on my Leviton Switches. Is there a good guide or article on how to do what you're describing with PC Controller?

This will tell you how to get the Stick, and how to get PC Controller, and so on. The specific buttons for a replace are what I've outlined but other than the button label, its much the same.

Thanks!! Wish me luck!

Just thinking this through, once I get to clicking "is failed" i'll basically re-pair the failed switch with PC Controller which will also pair it again with Hubitat in place of the same device that's not working?

EDIT: nm, looking back at your earlier post I understand now. Will attempt it tomorrow!

PC Controller is a low level tool. Behind each button is just one thing.. one command. The Hub, being much more user friendly, ties together multiple commands behind a button. The Hub's Replace button seems like a 1:1 match to PC Controller's Replace Failed, but it's not. The ZWave chip out on the radio won't replace unless it's convinced the device doesn't exist. It looks at a list of failed devices and wants to find the target device in that list. If it's not there, it does nothing. Is Failed? puts a device into the list. A two step process that's hidden behind a single button on the hub.

So it seems my switch isn't the only thing thi g that has dropped off the z-wave network. My zooz z-wave plus motion sensor that is in the same room as the hub I realize has also dropped off. What the heck!?

Ok, finally had some time to tinker with this. Using my z-wave stick the PC Controller app, I was able to replace the z-wave dimmer and it's working again!

Now the zooz z-wave motion sensor, it seems like it's been added back in but it's not logging anything in the hubitat log and doesn't seem to be working in hubitat. When I clicked the 'is failed' button initally, the deivce label in PC Controller turned red. I then clicked the 'replace failed' did the inclusion dance, it looks like it was added back in through PC Controller and when I click the 'is failed' button the device doesn't turn red. But again, doesn't seem to be workin in Hubitat.

This is likely a zooz issue. They've had firmware issues in the past on this stuff. See if they can give you a firmware update for it. If not you may just have to replace it with something else

So an interesting update. My one z-wave switch stopped responding as mentioned above, I replaced the node using PC Controller and it started working again right away. It worked for a few days and then stopped working again. I replaced the node with PC Controller again and again, it worked for a few days and then stopped working again.

I don't know what is going on! I'm told Z-Wave devices don't drop off the network and the issue was most likely related to a corrupted database. But it seems highly unlikely that the same z-wave device would stop working 3 times as the result of multiple instances of the database getting corrupted!

What do your logs say, and it's possible the switch itself could be bad.