Modes has a mind of its own

Made some recent changes to my modes set up. I realized I over complicated (although it was working for months) because I didn't understand how you can selected specific days for the different modes to function uniquely. Long story I have my new setup and something isn't quite right as the hub seems to be going into "day" mode at midnight. Same thing again this morning at 4:30 when I woke up, I manually put the hub into night mode.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Log of mode recent changes:

Mode app settings:

This happened to another user recently as well. The fix was to remove Mode Manager, then reinstall and configure it.

The other thread is here.


I think 'Set mode based on days of week' is overriding 'Set modes based on time of day'. Because you already have the days selected in your time settings, I would assume the 'Set mode based on days of the week' section is unnecessary. I could be wrong! :smile:


Thanks for the feedback, I'll cruise over to that post and get smart on it.

Going to try these tweaks you suggested to see what I get.

To see if the midnight events will be gone, take a look and share a screenshot of the Mode Manager App's settings (click the little GEAR ICON to the left of the App name in the list of Apps.) Near the bottom, you should see a list of Scheduled Jobs. If you still have a bunch of Midnight scheduled events, then the problem is likely still present. If you only see Scheduled Jobs based on your latest screenshot above, then things should be much better.

Here's what it looks like after the update. Just before 5 pm I checked this post as well as the current mode status. It was in "breakfast" mode which is wrong, should've been day mode. Not sure why this was, other than it may have been around the time that I had or had not yet made the changes detailed above.

At 5 pm it did advance to dinner on it's own, so maybe all is right with the world?


Looks good to me!

I can see the scheduled handler function time lines up with the mode changes but how do you know what mode it is going to move to? This seems difficult to interpret.

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