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You can't do that with Mode Manager. Mode manager does not have a trigger for Lux. You would have to do that with Rule Machine.

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I use DarkSky,net driver for my lux triggers to turn on lights.

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This is the community hardware device I am using, created by @iharyadi. It measures temperature, humidity, pressure, and illuminance all in one Zigbee device. The 'packaging' is up to the user... :wink: You can private message @iharyadi to see if he has any available, as he builds these himself.

As @Ryan780 mentioned, Mode Manager does not support Lux as a trigger for mode changes. And in all honesty, if probably shouldn't. There are many other Apps that do support Illuminance as part of lighting automations. And if all else fails, you can use Rule Machine. But please try to use the other built-in apps first, as they are much simpler and you'll get better support for them from the Hubitat Team.

Some Weather data integrations also can provide "Lux" data, but there is nothing better than having your own local device, IMHO. Having to depend on the Cloud for this data may lead to variability in the behavior of the automations.

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Thanks. In the process of moving all my automations and devices from ST in addition to changing cities so haven't gotten into all of the nuances yet. I'm more inclined to write rules though so may not have run into that for some time.

Please be aware that adding DarkSky at this point will mean having to replace it next year due to Apple's acquisition of the company.

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Nice, so in what ways are you using it as it relates to MODES but also just in general because I'm nosey, lol.

You're in the right place, these guys and the community here are really great.

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For me. Modes are just a global variable that I use in a few Apps / Rules to control if automations run OR what dimming levels lighting automations use.

For example, in Motion Lighting... you can see how both Modes and Lux are used to control this lighting automation.

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I know DarkSky will be deprecated next year, bummer; but question was re luminence, just way to skin the cat :scream_cat:

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Nice...although I couldn't use MM for lux...i can use the device and incorporate rules into that. NICE

That poor kitty! :wink:

Understood. I just want to make sure that we don't lead new users to use a solution that we already know will be obsolete in the coming months. If they choose to use it, so be it. I just want them to be fully informed.

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Also, the dark sky lux reading is only an estimation based on the weather in your particular area. I first tried sunrise/sunset, then went to the lux reading from dark sky, then I moved to a calculated lux based on the time of day and my location and the current cloud cover. None of them were accurate enough for me. They were close...but not quite close enough. The only thing that got to the granularity that I wanted was a real lux sensor. I currently use a Zooz mini motion/light sensor. The motion part of it was terrible so i stopped using it but the lux works great. Just remember, if you want to use it for modes and such, you need to have a true lux reading, uninfluenced by other light sources.

Agree 100%, but close enough for my needs; besides I have VS on dashboard to turn on the lux subset of inside lights. Besides I'm a miser; I would need multiple sensors due the layout of my house....

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Happy to report at 3am mode is still NIGHT! YAY! wife is telling me they phone light is too bright. Goodnight


Where do you have your zozo installed?

Another device that is frequently used for Lux data is the Philips Hue outdoor motion detector.

Cool, but the description says it's a motion are you suggesting to use it?

It also reports Lux. So, you could easily install it outside, and receive Lux data to use in whatever automations you’d like. Just another solution for getting illuminance data, if desired. And, it is a decent motion sensor as well.

Also, it uses Zigbee, which some prefer over Z-wave...while others prefer Z-wave over Zigbee.

It is good to have options.

Aww ok. I'll get it. I honestly have no pref of zigbee or zwave at this point because i dont know enough, lol. But having the HUE bridge seems to have really stabilize my lighting 100%. I'll let you know when I set it up. Thankfully I have no IOT/Automation budget, lol

Right now I have 2 AEOTECH motion/temp detectors in the house, love them.