Mode manager schedule question

Two days ago I decided to change my "night mode" transition from 11:59pm to 11:45pm. I fat fingered the change and set it to 11:45am, with predictable results. Yesterday (after 11:45am) I fixed the error, and it now reads correctly:

But sure enough today at 11:45am it went into night mode. I figured maybe today's night mode scheduled before I made the change and it would sort of "catch up" but when I look at scheduled events I still see a pending night mode change at 11:45 tomorrow and nothing for 23:45 tonight.

There's obviously something I'm missing...

Separate to the potential bug, what if you remove the night mode entry altogether, save that setup, then go back in and add the night mode setting back in?

Great suggestion, didn't think of that. And it worked. Schedule is now correct.

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Still worth highlighting it with the dev's though, not sure if it would be one for @bravenel or someone else.... Strange that the first change stuck but not the correction you tried.