Mode Manager - Not working as it should

So Mode Manager works for me for the most part except of the new mode that I created...

I created a "weekend" mode.

In Mode Manager I selected to configure with "daily settings"

DAY: at 6am on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Evening: Sunset -31min on M,T,W,Th
Night: Sunset+60min on M,T,W,Th, Sunday
Weekend: Sunset-30min on Friday

So the "weekend" mode should be from "sunset-30 on Friday" through "Sunset+60 on Sunday" when the "night" mode should kick in.

The Day, Evening, and Night modes update/change automatically, and the rule changes associated with the different modes update appropriately.

For some reason, the "weekend" mode did not start today at "sunset-30min". First, I assume I am interpreting this correctly as, if sunset is at 8:00PM, then I'm asking HE to start "weekend" at 7:30pm... correct??

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

(Additional info: if I manually change the mode to "weekend", the rules associated with "weekend" run appropriately. I just want this to occur automatically and not require my weekly input)

It looks right to me. I've never personally liked defining modes this specifically, so I only messed with mode manager, but went with setting my modes with rule machine to keep them flexible. Can you include a screenshot of your mode manager screen to give me a better picture of what you have going on. I might catch something more on the screenshot.

I did Modes with Rule Machine too. Same as April, I didn't like how Mode Manager handled things. If you dig in my post history, I have shared this elsewhere. I can dig it up if anyone wants to see it, but trying to keep the thread clean for everyone.

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  1. How do you do modes with RM?
  2. Are my assumptions about the +/- correct?
    (Sunset-30min = if sunset is 8:00pm, then Sunset-30=7:30pm?)

oh boy ... You'll probably be sorry you asked, but here goes. To simply state the answer, you can set modes according to triggers just like any other rule. I don't base my modes by time of day. I base my modes according to what we're doing. I'm more interested in when we're away, home, quiet, and night. I care that the lights don't interact when someone is in bed as opposed to setting a timeframe. That way on a weekend, since I haven't undocked my phone my lights in the bedroom won't wake me up until I choose to. Here is a simple mode change to handle home and away mode. There are separate rules based on our activities that trigger other modes. and they're really fun ones. My goal is to make the house look like it knows what I'm going to do next. I don't touch switches or manually change modes. I'd prefer not to be a creature of habit, but in reality I am.
I see that I should update this rule and remove life 360 as it's part of combined presence.

Do you have any other rules that use sunrise/sunset? If so, are they functioning correctly? It could be that this is a sunrise/sunset issue and not a mode manager issue.

In system events do you see entries for sunset/sunrise?

Not sure about system events, but yes I have other rules that are based on sunrise/sunset and seem to be working as expected.

That shoots that idea. It was just a thought.


I assumed I messed up somehow in Mode Manager, but it seems right to me...

Looks ok to me too. Do your other rules that are correct use offsets like mode manager? Still thinking about this and some recent issues I and a few others have had recently with sunrise/sunset.

The seem to be working. Unfortunately I don't know a best way to test them other than stand under the light when they should be going on

You could check the logs. I guess if I was personally testing this I would probably create a couple rules using your sunset and offsets to turn on a virtual switch or lamp just to eliminate a sunset issue.

You could also remove mode manager and start over. I have seen others state that they fixed some mode manager issues by removing it and starting over.

I'm using mode manager and its working well but I don't use sunrise/sunset or offsets. Only fixed times.

I hate troubleshooting sunrise/sunset because it only happens once a day. Always a lot of waiting.

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maybe I'll remove and start over...

Just odd that the rest of the modes work. and this one doesn't

That's why I was thinking that you had a sunset issue and not a mode manager issue. If sunset+offset is working right, tonight after sunset, open mode manager, click on the gear in the top right corner and look at the very bottom. You should see the job for your sunset+offset scheduled. You will only see this job show up after sunset and before its supposed to be executed.

another Mode related question...

Memorial day is coming up. If I'm off, I want that day to be treated like a weekend instead of a Monday... how could I accomplish this? I don't see a way to "pause" Mode Manager and let me lock in my Weekend mode for an extra day?

I don't do anything as my modes are all based on presence. That seemed to be the most logical way for me, but it required setting up some presence based devices.

The phone is one presence device, and a Smartthings fobs the other. The combo of both devices makes presence probably 99.9% reliable.

I'm pretty sure that you will have to use RM to do your modes instead of mode manager. Maybe use a virtual switch as a "holiday override" . I'm sure there are other ways to make this automatic but that is beyond my brain power this morning. :sleeping:


So I deleted Mode Manager.
I created a few rules in Rule Machine:

  1. Day: At 6am on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri turn on "Day" Mode
  2. Evening: At Sunset -31min on Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs turn on "Evening" Mode
  3. Night: At 8pm on Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, turn on "Night" Mode
  4. Weekend: At Sunset -30min on Fri turn on "Weekend" Mode

Then, for Holidays - I created a virtual switch "Holiday Switch"
Made a rule in RM:

Trigger: "Holiday Switch" ON


  • Set mode to "Weekend"
  • Pause Rules: "Day", "Evening", "Night"
  • Wait for events: "Holiday Switch" OFF
  • Resume Rules: "Day", "Evening", "Night"


  1. This requires manual input from me each time. Is there a way I can link a trigger to a personal calendar of mine?
  2. When the switch is turned off, let's say at 10pm, what mode will it go into? The modes are initiated at certain times, in this example, "night" starts at 8pm. I could just default to "night" mode after the switch is flipped off, but what if I turn it off mid-day...?

Any thoughts on how to make this better?

I'm also having an issue with Mode Manager but after reviewing it seems it is actually an issue with the hub itself. When I checked the settings even though it's currently 6:44am on Sunday the 24th, when I look at the time

it shows that it's yesterday the 23rd 2:22pm. Which is why the mode didn't change and none of my automations worked last night. Is this a known issue, or something I'm missing?

Have you checked your location settings.