Mode Manager not setting evening mode on earlier of two times

Since the last system update about 5 weeks ago, Mode Manager no longer executes the evening mode change at the earlier of two times setting.
Evening mode was set to change at 1700hrs M-F, and 1730 Sa-Su, or sunset -30minutes. This time of year the hard time will be the first to trigger. I change the time to 1730 for M-F and it shows in the scheduled events, but still does not execute.
Interesting that the Day mode change occurs w/o fail. We rarely test the auto Night Mode as we manually trigger earlier at bedtime.
Below is the App view, the scheduled events list and the Events;

In Summary, the Made Manager schedules the Day/evening/night mode change schedules at the correct times per the app design.
Evening mode change fails at the earlier time of 1730, but executes successfully at the sunset -30
Day mode operates properly
Night mode function is not observed at the scheduled time as mode change is manually triggered
Morning mode function is also rarely observed as it is generally manually triggered before the schedule.

This is a known issue that was fixed in the next release, as highlighted in the Known Issues in

With beta testing currently in progress, if you'd like to test the solution to your problem, you can still join the beta test group.

Thank you for the response. I did not see that post of known issues.

Looking forward to the fix.

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