Mode Manager - Hub Update 1.1.6

Continuing the discussion from Hub Update 1.1.6:

I was excited to see this! But it turned out to not be quite what I was hoping for. Would it be possible to add an option for all to be true to activate the mode? So Switches 1 & 2 both on AND switches 3 & 4 both off? If not, no big deal. I was just excited to get rid of the 13 RM rules I have that activate my many modes.

No, this is truly in the domain of Rule Machine, not HSM.

Wait, an update was rolled out, I was allowed to decide if and when to install it, and after I installed it, my system came up and is running problem free, and there is a backup of my pre-update system automatically created. Pinch me Iā€™m dreaming....