Mode Lighting troubleshoot

Trying my luck again to see if I can figure out how to change the temperature/Level of my how lights when the mode changes (Day, evening, night) without activating (turning on) the lights when the mode changes.

Here are my current settings on RM

And on the Motion and Mode Lighting Apps

What am I doing wrong?

So if I am understanding this correctly (and maybe I am not) you want to set the color temps so the next time these devices might be triggered (by switch, by motion, or whatever) they come on a different level during the day vs night vs evening.

You don't want the lights to turn on automatically simply because the mode changed, and that is what is happing now?


Well with that rule, you are going to have the lights come on at every mode change. I think you want to get rid of the rule. Or change that rule to reflect a trigger of something else other than the mode changes.

So how do you plan on turning on the lights? Manually,? At a certain time? Motion? A button?

This thread might help, it explores mode lighting.

I have a hue switch dimmer that I use to turn on/off certain lights and I also use buttons on my Logitech Harmony elite remote to turn on/off lights.

I'll use any rule/app that you can suggest to me. I just need some help to set it up 'cause I'm not able to figure this out by myself.

I've read the documentation on the modes Lighting app and came up with this

Does this look ok?

I am really rusty with Mode Lighting, I haven't played with it in a long time. I guess my first question is does it work?

Maybe one of the others like @erktrek or @bertabcd1234 have a bit more knowledge about this app than I do.


Not me unfortunately - I haven't used that particular app. Looks like it should be okay though as long as all of the devices are bulbs where you can set the temperature and not dimmers (which only set level). I can't imagine being allowed to select devices without that attribute though.

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I'm not sure that it makes sense to include "Turn on with switches" when those devices are the same as the devices that are getting turned on, though I suppose it would if you wanted them all to turn on when one does. Otherwise, nothing there looks wrong to me, assuming you want to turn the lights on with that button (or the other lights, as configured).

If you're just looking for motion-based automation, the Motion Lighting app can do this with per-mode options. That's more or less how I automate my lights, except I use a custom app instead of the built-in app--but if you're looking for that, don't let the lack of "mode" in that app throw you off. :smiley:

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I do. I just don't want all the lights to be turned on automatically when modes change.
I guess that I'll wait until morning and see if that will happen :slightly_smiling_face:

not correct depends on your light. .mode lighting does turn on my hue light ( it is on the hue hub) fine..

Screenshot 2022-05-13 212908

this is the built in app "motion and mode lighting" maybe hou are talking about a different app?

But I'm only talking about the Mode Lighting, not motion.
Am I not understanding this app correctly?

as far as i know there is no mode lighting app. at least not built in are you using a 3rd party app?


here is another motion and mode lighting that varies by mode

sorry i stand corrected... under add that app there is an option for motion or mode.. as others i have not played with that but it should work the same as the motion one unless updates to it have lagged.

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Phew. I started to think I'm going crazy :grin:

Just wanted to update you that the test was successful. I waited a few minutes before sunset, turned off the lights, and waited to see if they'll turn back on without me pushing any button...They didn't! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:
I then pushed a button to turn on the lights and all relevant lights turned on with the relevant temperature and level.

Thanks everyone for your help :+1:


I celebrated too early...
I now have an issue with a motion sensor app
Here's the setup in the app

Here's the issue - When the motion is triggered the Hall bulbs are turned on and that's ok. but...when the Hall bulb goes off (after the 1-minute delay that I've added in the app) ALL other house lights also go off with it.

What am I doing wrong?

Nothing there, but if the Mode Lighting instance is still set up as above, then all the lights selected there will also turn off when any of your "Turn off with..." devices (of which this is one) turn off, so that's my guess. Enabling logging for these apps (and checking "Logs ") will give you a better picture if you're still not sure.

Here are screenshots of the logs when the motion sensor is triggered to be turned on and all the actions that follow after the 1-minute delay that is supposed to turn off only the Hall bulbs.

BTW, in the modes lighting app, I don't have any motion sensor device. Only pushable buttons to turn on-off lights.
This motion sensor device only appears in the motion app.

Ok. I think I got it.

In the mode Lighting app I removed the option for the switches to be turned off and I think that did the job.

Here's a screenshot of the command before the change.

And here's after