Mode lighting not firing

What you are missing is that when you turn off the Kitchen Overhead lights, that will also turn off the mode lighting rule and cause them to not change.

No, the issue is how you are interpreting the functionality of the app. If what you describe is what you want, you have to do that with Rule Machine.

No one has access to the Hubitat apps but Hubitat. No one can "fix" this but them. But mode lighting is working how it was intended to work.

You do not need to create a lot of scenes, you would just need to create a group. If you want all the lights to function as a single unit, create a group so they can be controlled together. Then you wouldn't need to sue the off function of Mode Lighting.

Can you explain how you come to this interpretation because the documentation regarding this app is empty.

How is this app supposed to function then? I figured the on/off where triggers for the lights listed previously, but you are saying they are triggers for the on/off state of the rule/app?

I realize that, and that is why I was saying devs, not just the community devs, but the actual Hubitat staff, sorry if I was unclear.

Experience and listening to the developer of the app when he says that's how it works.

But it is working the way that they intend it to. If you want to do something else, you have to change what you are doing. There's nothing to "fix". I understand it's not doing what you intended that's why I'm trying to help you get what you intended. But expecting a change in the app is not realistic.

You do know that at the time of requesting a "fix" I did not realize that it was functioning as intended as you say. Also do you know of any threads by chance that speak to the functionality of the app? Alternatively what are the intended use cases for this app?

I think this is the issue with many apps on here. The developers are great, but developers shouldn't design user interfaces yet alone write instructions meant for less savvy people. Most of the apps aren't intuitive, eg I just want my lights to turn on in the evening (mode), this should be simple, what's with setting switches, too confusing. To be mainstream it needs to be easier to use.

Disclaimer: I'm a web dev with 20yrs experience :grin:

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I found this thread, according to the staff responding, this app's intended function is as I thought, controlling one or more switches with a switch combined with a per mode dimming function. Here is another thread that supports my interpretation.

Update: I found the internal documentation regarding this app, it seems to have been tucked away inside the documentation for the Motion Lighting App, maybe because its bundled as part of the Motion Lighting Built-in app? Anyway, the documentation only confuses me since while it does say that:

"If you want the option to turn these lights on outside of mode changes, select Options for lights on. Choose buttons and/or switches you want to use to turn on the lights manually."

But in the same breath, it also says:

"Mode Lighting apps work similar to Motion Lighting apps, but allow you to set lighting that is triggered by mode changes, rather than motion sensors."

Which does not seem to be working for me either, and I swear I have read multiple threads saying the opposite is true.

So when the mode kicks over from day to evening for instance, first of all I'm assuming that's the trigger you are interested in, what do you want to happen? Turn on some lights at a given brightness?

The reason I ask is if you didn't want to use RM or Simple Lighting Rules for it, Cobra has an app called "Mode Switch", which would probably serve that purpose nicely. You can find Cobra's apps here.

Use Simple Lighting.

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I hope you can clarify something for me.

This is my setup:

I interpret that as when the Overhead Lights are triggered (Kasa Smart Dimmer), it should turn on along with the 3 undercabinet lights (Yeelight light strips) and set all their collective brightness based on the mode. Also if the mode changes and the lights are on, adjust the brightness. Finally, if the switch turns off (Kasa again), then turn everything off.

Does this interpretation seem right to you or am I missing something?

Yes, that's right.

Ok so it is not actually functioning that way though. Upon further testing it does work for the "lights off" portion, just does not for the "lights on" portion which is very odd. Below are my event logs showing it.

Kitchen Kasa Dimmer Event Log:

Mode Lighting Event Log:

Any idea what the issue could be?

Show the App Status page for that instance of Mode Lighting (gear icon). In particular, the Event Subscriptions.

Kitchen LightingBuilt In App


Name Type Value

dimM capability.switchLevel Kitchen - Overhead Lights, Kitchen - Undercabinet Light LM, Kitchen - Undercabinet Light LR, Kitchen - Undercabinet Light LS
dimmerModes enum ["Day","Evening","Night"]
levelDay number 100
levelEvening number 60
levelNight number 1
modesAdjust bool true
switchesTurnOff capability.switch Kitchen - Overhead Lights
switchesTurnOn capability.switch Kitchen - Overhead Lights
switchModes enum ["Day","Evening","Night"]
Event Subscriptions

Source Event Handler Filter

Beach House Hubitat (Location) mode modeAdjuster false
Kitchen - Overhead Lights switch.on directTurnOn true
Kitchen - Overhead Lights directTurnOff true
Application State

Name Value

actsTrue Dimmers per mode: Kitchen Overhead Lights, Kitchen Undercabinet Light LM, Kitchen Undercabinet Light LR, Kitchen Undercabinet Light LS Day: 100 Evening: 60 Night: 1
installedCapabs [Polling, PowerMeter, PushableButton, IlluminanceMeasurement, CarbonMonoxideDetector, ReleasableButton, Battery, MotionSensor, Alarm, ColorTemperature, SpeechSynthesis, PresenceSensor, SmokeDetector, Light, Valve, Refresh, Initialize, EnergyMeter, TV, Telnet, AudioNotification, AudioVolume, MusicPlayer, ColorMode, TemperatureMeasurement, Momentary, Lock, Notification, HoldableButton, SwitchLevel, WaterSensor, Switch, ChangeLevel, Configuration, Actuator, ContactSensor, ColorControl, Sensor]
lightsOn false
optionsOff Turn off with switches: Kitchen Overhead Lights
optionsOn Turn on with switches: Kitchen Overhead Lights Adjust levels when mode changes
Scheduled Jobs

No Scheduled Jobs are set.

Turning on must be initiated by a "physical" event. Most likely, your light is not reporting a physical event when you turn it on. What type of device is this?

TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer (HS220), using the community Kasa app/driver.

It must not be reporting "physical". Contact the driver author so that it does that when you physically operate the switch. There is a field in the event called "type". It should be set to "digital" or "physical".

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I sent a post on the thread, hopefully it is able to be implemented given its a WiFi device. Here is my event log for my switch BTW:

Also, any idea why it is correctly turning off the lights, just not on? Does the off not need a physical event?

Also given the physical requirement does that mean that if the lights are turned on via a dashboard, this rule would not be engaged?

So the creator of that driver posted an update to allow for the "Physical" types and it now works perfectly with Mode Lighting with a physical press of the switch, but as I thought, does not get triggered with a digital press of the light, i.e. through a dashboard. Is there anyway to allow that? Maybe have a toggle in the app to allow for both digital and physical types?

Here is the new Event Log:

Note the top two entries, they are presses from my dashboard. To be correct with the documentation should those empty "Type" values be "Digital" in order for my request above to work properly if implemented?

Also would it be possible/is it possible to do "per mode" values, like for instance what is shown below, referencing global variables as opposed to just numbers?

I am setting up a new Hub for my parents and i cannot get Mode lighting to fire or turn off. Using rule machine which works fine but it would be easier to you the simple method.

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