Mobile Lights/Switches not working at all

I have assigned a bunch of lights and switches to rooms. When I go into the Lights/Switches tab on my iPhone on the Hubitat app I find that seemingly random ones of them show they are on or off with no discernible correlation to the actual device. Plus touching the icon at best just starts a spinner that doesn’t stop and doesn’t do anything, or at worst, seems to do nothing. I have a dashboard I made using the Hubitat app, and it does show me the true state of devices and I can turn them on and off from there.

So as of today, 11/20/2022, I’d say the Light/Switches tab doesn’t work at all.

I just tried the same tab on my device and it works as expected. Light status are being reflected and change as commanded.

I wonder if there could be an issue with the the hub communicating with the devices? To eliminate this as a first step, I would try setting up a virtual switch to see if that one responds correctly.

I do have a virtual switch and when I touch it on my iPhone in the Lights/Switches tab I just get the spinning wheel that never stops.

But even if I go into the device itself on the main devices screen it doesn't show a status and clicking on or off does nothing there either. BTW, the device is using the Inovelli Red Dimmer as its driver. I use that to hold the place in rules, etc, if I am going to do an exclude/include of a device so I don't have to re-do the rule.

I want to be sure I understand - is the virtual switch setup with the Inovelli Red Dimmer Driver?

BTW - There is a device replace option available now if you need to switch an identical switch that doesn’t have any children setup.

I am having the exact same issue. New to Hubitat so though it was a user error. Very frustrating.

That is certainly not supposed to happen - so it would definitely be frustrating!

@user3157, Do you also have a virtual switch that you setup with the Virtual Switch driver that does the same thing?

Same here. Posted about it in another thread also:

The weird part is that dashboards work fine, it’s just the iOS switches page that doesn’t sweet to work and I get the constant spinning circle too.

I am not aware of what a virtual switch is. Will need to educate myself.

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It is something that can be very useful on Hubitat. It’s a switch that is not connected to a real device. It can be used for rules, dashboards, etc.

In this particular situation, it can help diagnose the cause of the issue. If the virtual switch works as expected, than we know the link between the dashboard to the hub is working and can move to the next step - from the hub to the device.

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I was having the same issue. Deleted my phone from the device list on the hub and that didn't fix it. Upgraded to 16.1.1 last night and it seems to finally be working again for whatever that's worth.

I upgraded my iPhone to 16.1.1 and it didn’t help in the sense that Light/Switches are not always correct showing some on that were off. Here you’ll see my desk lamp is off, but light/switches showed it was on. When I tapped the icon under Lights/Switches I just got a spinner. However, when I synced up the Desktop to Light/Switches (i.e. I turned the light on) then touching the icon for my desk lamp under Light/Switches worked.

I am also a newbie to Hubitat, so possibly missing something somewhere, but I am also experiencing weirdness with the Lights/Switches pre-built screen in the mobile app. In my case, it's less about the buttons actually working (or not), and more that all my rooms/devices are repeating multiple times. It started out by being tripled. Now it's up to seven repetitions of the same rooms/devices. I've collapsed all the rooms in this screen cap to better illustrate what's going on, and only showing the first three repetitions, but there are seven (7) in total (with all the lights/switches repeated in each room).

What's going on? :thinking:

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UPDATE: Somehow, through no action on my part, this weird issue of the rooms/devices being replicated seven (7) times on the Lights/Switches screen seemed to resolve itself last night. I opened the app this morning and it looked normal. However, I was navigating to other sections of the app, and the Lights/Switches page is once again showing repeating sets of my rooms/devices. I just shutdown the app once more, and restarted it, and it's back to normal. Here's how I'm replicating the issue...

  1. Startup the app from scratch, lights/switches screen looks normal - my four rooms + all the devices in each.
  2. Click on other pages in the mobile app (Settings, Tools, Geofence, Dashboard) and then go back to the Lights/Switches screen, and there are suddenly multiple repetitions of my rooms/devices. It appears that the repetitions are created every time I switch from one screen to another. If I tap into other sections five times, I end up with five (5) repetitions in Lights/Switches Then, if I close the app, and restart, it clears up, until I start tapping into other pages.

There's something going on with the rendering of the Lights/Switches page being affected by clicks into other pages. I hope that helps pinpoint the issue. I'm also curious if I'm the only person experiencing this.

I'm on an iPhone 13 running latest iOS (16.2)

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Not on an IOS device, but an Android, and seeing much the same. After fixing up some registration issues, I can see my Dashboard and interact just fine with the lights, but the Lights/Switches page is just a random bit of status, and clicking on anything just changes to green then back to gray/yellow (whatever the status was before)

Was this ever resolved? It worked for me for the longest time but now it's a mish-mash of untrustworthy, unfunctional status and buttons.

Nope. I just went into the Hubitat generated Lights/Switches tab and see multiple devices it says are on that are not on.

So I finally think I've correlated the change I made that caused Lights/Switches to become untrustworthy--I enabled Hub Login Security. I just turned it off and now they're all correct. Just two mins prior, they were not. Hardly a certainty but there's definite cause and effect albeit a rather small sample size and short test period.... but there's hope.