Mobile App Manager won't uninstall

For some reason I have a phantom Mobile App Manager install on my hub. It cant seem to uninstall (I suspect because its phantom in some way) and I cant find anywhere to remove it. See the pics below:

It may be a nonstarter, I am a bit OCD and extra things I dont use I prefer to remove. I did have the mobile app for a bit but have stopped using it as I dont really need it for what I am doing 99% of the time.


Click on the gear icon and try to remove it.

That is the app that holds the mobile app token. Removing it will revoke access for any user who has the mobile app installed. You said you don't use it, so you will be ok removing it. In any case, if you want to recreate the token to use the mobile app again, you will need to log out of mobile app and back in. With that being said, hover over the link to get the app id, then go to the following path:


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There was no gear icon for the app at all, it only showed present in the app stats.

@bobbyD thanks for the info, that worked as listed.