Mobile App Manager, Hubitat App on Android, and ">1024 char error" in log


I have been trying to track this issue down for weeks now. First I was getting this error from a dashboard app and the "Mobile App Manager" app. I used Device Data app to determine that the device with the attribute "Button" was coming from a child instance of "Virtual Keypad" app. I removed that app. I have recreated all my dashboards from scratch. I have removed, reinstalled, and rebuilt my Virtual Keypad from scratch. I STILL get the ">1024 character" error in my logs.

I have determined that it seems to have something to do with the mobile app. When I open the Hubitat mobile app on MY phone (an Android Pixel 5a), I get two instances of this error message generated by "Mobile App Manager" in my Hubitat log. When I open the Hubitat mobile app on my wife's phone (iPhone 13) there are no errors generated in the Hubitat log. We both have access to the same 2 dashboards on both of these devices.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the Hubitat app on my phone, and it still produces this error in Hubitat when I open the app on my phone.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

note app331 is "Mobile App Manager", which appears to be an internal built-in app that is part of Hubitat itself and there seems to be no other information I can gather about it.

Mobile App Manage is not a builtin app on my system,

I didn't know it was on mine until it threw an error in the log. I never installed it, and it seems to be hidden from all normal modes of view, so I assume it's just a built-in part of Hubitat that we normally don't interact with. If it didn't show up in my logs, I could never have found it.

Then perhaps creates/manages the Mobile Devices - those I have. Anyway, the string '1024' is worth searching the forum with.

I can't explain the different behaviour you have been seeing, but the 1024 character limit for attributes has been a restriction imposed by the HE dashboard app for at least the last 3-4 years I expect. You will need to try and narrow down to the device that is producing the larger attribute value and work out how best to limit that situation from happening.

I have narrowed my situation (same as your description) down to the life 360+ app. I have 4 tiles with presence indications. Anytime I open HE on my phone I get the same log warnings. When I navigate to the particular dashboard with the presence tiles I get the same warning in logs. Somewhere in the app code needs fixed to suppress the warning log.

Or the driver needs to be changed to not produce this attribue value in the first place, or the device removed from Hubitat Dashboard or other apps that might complain about it. :slight_smile: The warning from Dashboard is intentional and logged precisely because it will ignore this value. It's not really an error, just helping you know that this particular attribute won't work if you happen to want it on Dashboard.

In related news, Life 360 seems to be having trouble for lots of people (on various platforms) recently. As far as I know, they have never had an official API and are not interested in helping anyone integrate with them -- they're removed their official Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant integrations from what I can see.

I would look for another solution (and maybe an error with the current one is causing this issue unintentionally, though it's hard to say anything without knowing exactly what is happening for you).

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Two things I’d try.

  1. The error specifically mentions a type of button. These don’t get a lot of play on dashboards but if you do use any buttons I’d try removing them.

  2. I’d look at the app that generates the message and see what devices or others it uses and see if that lads anywhere.

So I have solved this problem on my own setup now. It ended up being caused by a "virtual keypad" device. Even though the device was not being used in any dashboards, I had it assigned to possibly be used on a couple dashboards and each instance of that caused the warn message. Ultimately, I figured out how to reduce the size of the iframe contents to less than 1024 characters, which stopped the warning messages in my logs.

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Glad you found it. Can you expand on that a little ("mainly the word possibly") so that others might troubleshoot a similar issue?

Yeah, sorry, that was poorly worded. I had assigned the device to a couple of dashboards, but I had not actually created any tiles which used the device yet.

From logs I was able to see that something with the attribute "button" was throwing the >1024 character warning message, so I used this app to figure out which app or device was using an attribute with that name.

Then after that, it was easy to figure out which device was the problem and some creativity was needed to reduce the character count for the iframe that that "button" attribute was referencing.

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Ah, now I get it. Excellent tip!