Mobile App Manager, Hubitat App on Android, and ">1024 char error" in log


I have been trying to track this issue down for weeks now. First I was getting this error from a dashboard app and the "Mobile App Manager" app. I used Device Data app to determine that the device with the attribute "Button" was coming from a child instance of "Virtual Keypad" app. I removed that app. I have recreated all my dashboards from scratch. I have removed, reinstalled, and rebuilt my Virtual Keypad from scratch. I STILL get the ">1024 character" error in my logs.

I have determined that it seems to have something to do with the mobile app. When I open the Hubitat mobile app on MY phone (an Android Pixel 5a), I get two instances of this error message generated by "Mobile App Manager" in my Hubitat log. When I open the Hubitat mobile app on my wife's phone (iPhone 13) there are no errors generated in the Hubitat log. We both have access to the same 2 dashboards on both of these devices.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the Hubitat app on my phone, and it still produces this error in Hubitat when I open the app on my phone.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

note app331 is "Mobile App Manager", which appears to be an internal built-in app that is part of Hubitat itself and there seems to be no other information I can gather about it.

Mobile App Manage is not a builtin app on my system,

I didn't know it was on mine until it threw an error in the log. I never installed it, and it seems to be hidden from all normal modes of view, so I assume it's just a built-in part of Hubitat that we normally don't interact with. If it didn't show up in my logs, I could never have found it.

Then perhaps creates/manages the Mobile Devices - those I have. Anyway, the string '1024' is worth searching the forum with.

I can't explain the different behaviour you have been seeing, but the 1024 character limit for attributes has been a restriction imposed by the HE dashboard app for at least the last 3-4 years I expect. You will need to try and narrow down to the device that is producing the larger attribute value and work out how best to limit that situation from happening.

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