Mobile App coming April 2019?


Per CNET the an Android or IOS app will be ready roughly around April this year.


Man, I hope this is true. An app and Nest are the only things holding me back from moving the rest of my house to HE from ST.


You can use HubConnect to transfer your Nest to HE from ST, I was one of the privileged with Nest app in HE and I uninstalled it, it works better now using HubConnect.

Not sure what are you expecting from the term app, HE app doesn't look or works like ST app, I have the beta app and it gives you a dashboard link, you can do that from your phone browser anyway, and geofencing, maybe you use presence and that is something that you can transfer from ST to HE too with HubConnect.


Why not use the NST Manager app that was ported from ST? I use it and it works without issue.


Is this fact or fiction? Will a native mobile app for Android and iPhone be released in April 2019?


Not sure if it will be this month, but back at CES when the C5 model was shown it was mentioned that the app would be out in April. That is where that time frame came from.


I'm not sure what they are waiting on. I have used the beta and it works really well. The only benefit to it is dashboard access and proximity detection. I don't use their dashboard so I personally only used it for notifications and proximity detection to show when I am home or leave. All of these things are possible with some other services anyway.


This is all I am waiting for, I am trying to eliminate third party services/apps wherever possible.