Mobile app 1.0.5 still gives redundant "error" message that can't be turned off


I use and enjoy my hubitat every day.

Annoying popup notification that I can't turn off. Every time I invoke the app.

Updated to iOS app 1.0.5 on my iPad Mini, today and still get a popup notification every time I start the app, "Your application is not set to allow background location information. Geofence functionality will not be available when the app is not in the foreground."

Yes, I know! I purposely turned off location information for the hubitat app (in iOS settings) and in the hubitat app itself. I don't want or need geolocation features on my iPad. The hubitat app should respect my choice. Notify me once, or let me turn off the notification. Not tell me every time.

I reported this earlier (July 14)

I consider this constant notification a bug.

Please respect my geolocation preferences.


Turn off Geolocation in the Hubitat app.

If you enable it in iOS settings, while having it disabled in the app, does the notification stop but still not use your location? If it does, this might be a temporary fix until this is addressed.