ML - Plans to Add Using Hub Variables?

In Mode and Motion Lighting, is there plans to add the option to use a Hub Variables? I was looking to use variable in one place but had a few more suggestions that could help others since we could use RM to change the variable to True or False which would in turn modify how a ML rule would work based on user's preference.

Options for Turn-on, Disable, and Enable Lights-On Section:

Add option to disable turning on if Variable is True

Options for Additional Sensors, Lights-Off and Off options Section:

Add option here if Variable is true would turn lights off

Add option to disable turning off if Variable is True

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We will get there. Just playing catch-up so far on all of the other changes brought on by changing to Hub Variables. Thanks for these suggestions, they are good ones.

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This should make it into 2.2.9. I've got it working the way you described above. Still need some more testing before release...


This was released in


Bruce, is there any chance this capability could be extended?

For my illuminance based lighting rules, i use a hub variable that sets the value I use to compare to my average outdoor Lumens. (Normally this value iis set to 2200).

This helps me maintain consistency throughout the rules. However Motion and Mode Lighting (Options For Turnon, Disable, and Enable Lights on), "Turn on only if lux is less than this number:" only allows input of a number, not a hub variable.

Certainly not a game changer, but a nice to have!

I imagine theres a tradeoff between adding complexity to the app and utility, and I can certainly do this in Rule Machine, but I've become enamored of how elegant M&ML makes these rules! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Scott

You should check out Room Lighting. It's the successor to M&ML. At the moment it does not solve this request either. But, check it out -- you can import your existing ML rules into it.

I will, thank you.


Ability to use variable for lux value in next release of Room Lights. This will allow a Number variable for illuminance value in:

  • Means to Activate of Illuminance Sensors that fall below variable value
  • Means to Turn Off of Illuminance Sensors that rise above variable value
  • Conditions to Limit Activation of Illuminance Sensors that are above variable value
  • Conditions to Limit Turning Off of Illuminance Sensors that are below variable value

Sweet. Thank You! Not exactly coincidentally, I've moved a bunch of rules to Room Lights, and so far, its been great. Thanks for the tip too.


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