Minor Request: possibity to "hide" device(s) in room section


Currently device could be

  1. unassigned to any room (but it will be marked as unassigned, for example in lights section in app)
  2. assigned to specific room,

but there is need sometimes, to hide device. For example I'm using two 2-gang wall-light switch to control lighting in two different places, and I do not want to have on any "room" listed "master" device, which will enable/disable them both.

So that is why, I'm kindly asking for option, that will be 3rd state, "hidden", which will cause device to disappear, will not be listen neither as asigned to specific room, nor to "unassigned" devices.

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To put this in other words, you're asking that if a device is not assigned to a room, then it be hidden from the app pages? Or to give a room option that will do the same?

Both solutions will be fine, because it will bring same effect in final.

But making it as option for rooms sounds better (maybe even as option global for rooms, not for each room individually), because someone may want to have old behavior (unassigned), and someone else new one (hidding).

I think the most logical solution would be if there was a setting to "Hide unassigned devices" as it applies to the rooms page and the lights section of the app. The "devices" page I do think think this would apply to. If you turn that on you just need to have every device you want shown in a room.

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Indeed. Good idea, it is clear and logical.

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