MIMO2+ and Garage Door Opener

Is there any documentation describing how to wire a MIMO2+ and configure it with HE to support integration with a garage door opener when using the built in HE driver?

Based on the following wiring approach and configuration, when I go to the child devices in HE and press "On" nothing appears to happen.

I spent 20 minutes searching the web and this forum to no avail.

I did see one post about secure communications not being supported. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if I had included it as secure.

I've got the device paired and the garage door opener button and #1 relay NO1 and COM1 wired in parallel (per the garage door opener wiring diagram for the MIMOlite). The #2 relay is not yet connected to the second garage door opener. Signal 1 and 2 are not being used given that I'll be using a wireless contact sensor to detect the garage door states.


Here's the parent device configuration:

What i find odd is that the Signal 1/2 trigger fields don't appear to have the option to disable the signal trigger. Per the device docs: "CAUTION: When input-to-relay mappings are enabled, Z-Wave commands to set or clear a relay are ignored."


I read in a review on Amazon that using 1 second forces the relay to act as momentary relay.

My logs look like this for the parent device. I see no log data for the child devices.

The logs indicate the device was included with security enabled.
The relay control setting "manual", disables the input control mapping.


Encryption was the issue. Here's what I did to fix the issue:

  1. Excluded the device.
  2. Settings -> Z-Wave Details
  3. Set "Secure Join" to "Locks/Garage Doors".
  4. Rejoined the device.
  5. Reset the Secure Join setting to "All Secure Z-Wave".

Two follow-ups:

1. Get Device Wiki Updated

Can we as community members modify the device information in the wiki so that it calls out the need to disable encryption during inclusion for this device?


2. Intermittent Behavior

When I first started testing the garage doors, the commands seemed to lag for 3+ seconds until the garage door responded. The more I've tested, generally the more responsive the device has seemed to be.

Is there a common explanation to this behavior?

I'm just about to perform a repair on the Z-Wave network per best practice.

Why are you doing this?

It just increases z-wave traffic, and if you have chatty devices, it will introduce serious delays in your z-wave network. There's a reason the recommended setting is "Locks/Garage Doors".

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You can create a documentation wiki editor account here (it's not the same as either your hubitat portal or community account):


I haven't tried it, but I believe edits may still require approval by staff. And as @aaiyar mentioned, Hubitat staff generally recommend not keeping the secure join option set to all z-wave devices. So I'm not sure this particular edit would be accepted.

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Hah! Of course, since I'm an idiot. :slight_smile:

Seriously, having not delved deeply into Z-Wave before rapidly adopting a bunch of Z-Wave devices last year along with with a Hubitat, as a noob, I assumed that using a secure option just "made sense" in this day and age.

But it's good to know that it's not recommended for many types of devices. I'm now plowing through my set now to see what I should exclude and rejoin without the security enabled. I'm hoping that some of the flakiness of dimmer and switch operations might be improved to boot.

I think this is likely to happen. Off course, you will have to run a z-wave repair after excluding your secure-included devices and a second z-wave repair after including these devices without the secure option.

Thanks. It turns out the majority of my Z-Wave devices were not joined in secure mode. So that's the good news. Only my Aeotec Doorbell 6 and a whole bunch of Inovelli Red Series dimmers and switches need to be rejoined given that those devices joined in secure mode.


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