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I will shortly be migrating from my C5 to a C7, Presumably, when I am done, I will have two hubs, both capable of signaling my devices. Is that likely to cause problems? Can I fiddle with both while testing the hub?


Mike M

What you can do is setup Hub Mesh to allow updates and commands to be issued from either hub and the results also reflected on both hubs. E.g. you can have a Zigbee or Zwave device paired to your C-5 but still access it on your C-7, and vice-versa


Note that a device, although available to both through HubMesh for statuses and events, will only participate physically (i.e. act as a repeater) with the hub that it is paired with.


Thanks to thebearmay and sburke for their quick response. But I am still a bit confused. Does the migration process unpair the devices on Hub A and pair them on Hub B?

Mike M

That is correct.

You exclude each device from your C5 and then pair it to your C7.

I migrated from a C-4 - I put my Zigbee devices on my C-5 and Z-Wave devices on my C-7. As @sburke781 mentions - Hubmesh is great for sharing devices between the two as needed.


Are you planning on using the Hubitat Subscription Service to Backup your old hub to the cloud, and the Migrate to the new hub? If so, there are hopefully some users that can share their experiences in doing so. Also tagging @bobbyD from Hubitat who can probably chime in with what you should expect.

The Z-Wave devices will migrate to the new hub, however any Zigbee devices that you have will need to be re-paired with the new hub. They will 'jump' right back into the old devices and automations, so please do not delete them from the new hub before re-pairing them, as this 'feature' saves an immense amount of time.

After all is done, I would think the old hub should be reset based on whatever instructions @bobbyD points you to.


Yes, my intent (hope?) is to end up with the C7 controlling the Z-wave devices and the C5 everything else. I will use the "Mesh" ability for convenience.

I will register the new hub first and subscribe; the old hub is already registered and subscribed so the basic backup and migrate should be straightforward. It's what comes after that makes me nervous.

Mike M.

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@wmmah -- the Hub Protect document has a section on best practices for migration (see "Migrate"):



RTFM - -



Mike M

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Well, I won't laugh at you Mike - I'm getting ready for a migration as well (though I have read the HP document MANY times already). I think this thread is a great opportunity to chime in with my questions as well.

Short list of the steps:
ZWave repair on old hub.
Cloud backup of old hub.
Shut off ZWave radio on old hub.
Shut down old hub.
New hub (already registered) - reboot.
New hub - Cloud Backup - Migrate (from last cloud backup of old hub).
Include ZWave radio migration.
Wait for completion.
Add subscription for HP for new hub and take a backup.

Now the fun and questions begin... Zigbee...
I have > 50 Zigbee devices - does anyone have a document that includes how to "rejoin" networks for a plethora of Zigbee devices?

Aside from not automating - how will the Zigbee devices that are not yet rejoined behave while old hub is offline?

How can the old hub be "reintegrated" into the network? Can we factory reset it then add it back in as "mesh enabled"?

If the old hub is powered back on (with ZWave radio off) all the Zigbee devices will already talk to it - but how would that effect automations? With the old hub on - won't it try to fire rules based on Zigbee device triggers - and won't that make a mess out of which hub runs what rules?

Back to ZWave - C7 has ZWave security the C5 didn't... is there any "easy" way to exclude a ZW device that joined without security and rejoin it with security? Suspect the answer is no - go build all its rules again - but thought I'd ask.

I'll have more - but starting here :slight_smile:

Going to feed some things I now know...

Centralite plug - hold button while plugging in and hold until light
Innr plug - hold button 5s
Jasco outlet - press button 3x then hold button 3s
Jasco dimmer - push up 10x
Jasco switch - push up 10x
Keen smart vents - push button 5x
NYCE motion sensors - push button 8 times - will flash 8 times
Sengled (generic) bulbs - on/off 10 times (not sure if it is 10on/10off or 5x each
Sengled color plus - 10x on/off
SmartSense Multi v4 - Remove battery, push button, install battery, release button (maybe) OR could be hold button 5s - will see
SmartThings Zigbee Motion Sensor (magnetic model) - press button 5s

Unfortunately, you will need to go to each of them one at a time and pair them to the new hub. They will automatically link to the existing device(s) that have been restored on the new hub.

I understand that they will go a bit nuts - they will try to reach the hub over and over again - hard on the battery…. Until they get joined to the new hub, or unless they still have access to the old one.

You can do a soft reset on the old hub and then reset your Z-Wave and Zigbee radios on that same hub.

Yes, before they are linked to the new hub, they will trigger/run the automations from your old hub.

Correct. You can play with the Device IDs, but It will lead to the occasional issue. You are better off unpairing and then re-pairing them.

FYI - Hubitat has a pretty decent set of documentation for join and reset instructions.



AMAZING! I knew someone would know where it is.

So a soft reset keeps the zigbee and zwave devices - but loses all other settings. Is that really what I want? to have it remember all the devices?

It will forget them once you reset their radios. :slight_smile:

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Okay - and thanks for all those answers!


Just did the migration. So far, so good.

Interestingly, devices connected through a Hue up are working properly. So, if you have Zigbee devices that can pair to the Hue hub, that can save some time.

Mike M


I bit the bullet yesterday and did my C5 to C7 migration. ZWave devices came over just fine using HP. Zigbee devices were more challenging for sure. Most worked fine, but a few were difficult.

Sengled bulbs - 10x on/off - sometimes it's 11 or 12 before it factory resets and nearly impossible in a 3-way lamp (4 clicks per on/off is too slow).

Jasco switches/dimmers/outlets - mixed bag of what was supposed to work (10up vs 10on/off vs 3push followed by 3s hold). The outlet was by far the most difficult - I tried all the potential tasks and it just wouldn't reset. Even tried holding button while breaker was off then back on. Some time after that I got the 3x push 3s hold to get it to go.

Some of my Zigbee devices were having issues communicating after being rejoined - hoping they settle down today.

I do have one issue that is not resolved. The local (new and legacy) dashboard links from inside the Dashboards app are pointing to instead of that the hub is on. Not sure why. Changed to static (also has reservation on router) IP and rebooted - but still doesn't work. Anyone?

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