Migration Question

Here's another issue with migration. All of my "integrations" with Google, Amazon, Life360, Kevo, Sonos, Ring, etc. lost their authentication tokens and I had to reconnect them. Google Home was PITA and I had to remove it from Hubitat then from Google Home then add it back in (and pick and choose devices to share again). Didn't realize it was a problem until some routines weren't firing as expected. Just something to think about.

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One more piece - the Unofficial Ring uses IFTTT and after changing hubs the webhook url changes - so that requires making change to IFTTT rules. Such fun.

Were you able to fix this issue?

This was a tough one. It appears to have happened when I first powered the C7 on. I wasn't able to initially find it and used the hubitat.local to connect to it. That connected, but it has a 169 address and I didn't notice. First thing you have to do is register it and when I did it seems to have registered using the 169 as the "local" address. This was fixed after I had to do a soft reset for a database corruption issue. All good now.

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