Migrating Vera custom plug-in/app code to Hubitat

I am considering migrating my HA over to Hubitat. Currently, most of our automation is controlled by our Alarm[dot]com z-wave module, but I had to dust off an old Vera a few years ago in order to control some Hunter Douglas motorized shades that used a Platinum hub that went EOL in 2015.

A Vera community user named "GenGen" had managed to write code that worked to automate the shades using Vera, and I still have the original lua and XML files used to make it work in the Vera PLEG (Program Logic Event Generator) at the time.

Bottom line is, I'd love to migrate it ALL over from Alarm[dot]com and Vera to Hubitat. And I saw that there's even an Alarm[dot]com integration (yay!), but I really can't do it if I won't be able to get these oddball shades to work. Would this be possible?

Thanks for listening!

Sounds like it could be possible, but someone would have to write a new integration using groovy, the hubitat platform’s programming language.

Can you share more details re: the hunter Douglas hub’s API?

Are these Powerview shades? You might want to do a search here on the forum as I believe this question is answered.

Unfortunately not - they are using the older Platinum hub. The Powerview came out within months after I'd invested in these (without a clue from them that I was making a mistake...).

I don't really know anything about the Platinum API directly - but I could post the text of the three files that were used to import into the Vera if that's helpful at all?

I’m not a developer so there’s probably not much more I can say to help. But I have moved the thread into the developer category where someone with coding knowledge might see it and chime in.


Does anyone here have any idea about how I can accomplish what I've asked in my original question? My new hubitat just arrived this week, and I'm excited to move everything over now! But I'd love to also figure out how to keep my Hunter Douglas Platinum motorized shades to work on it, otherwise I'll end up with a piecemeal solution where they continue to run on the old Vera that I'd set up. TIA!

Any word on this? I also have HD Platinum (as opposed to PowerView). I also had them working with Vera years ago, but I converted to Smartthings about 3 years ago and never got them working. I'm now in the process of converting to Hubitat and am hoping there's some kind of HD Platinum integration out there. I know it operates over Telnet, which I've seen is the way Lutron Caseta works with Hubitat, so it seems possible ...

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I have these working in SmartThings with some updated code and documentation here GitHub - jeabraham/smartthings-hunterdouglasplatinum: Hunter Douglas Platinum Gateway Integration with SmartThings Hub . I don't know anyone who has it working in Hubitat yet, but it should be possible. It's just Telnet after all.

In SmartThings it's a bit more confusing as the app code can't telnet over to find the settings. Only the driver code can telnet to the device itself. So, one has to manually telnet to the platinum hub to download a bunch of settings, and then host those settings on a public website somewhere so the app code can see them. In Hubitat that rigamarole shouldn't be necessary, as everything runs locally.

Anyway, please check out my github repo and let me know what you end up doing.

Could you post the three files?

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