Migrating to Hubitat from Smartthings

I am migrating to Hubitat from Smart Things and my family and I use the SmartThings app heavily to control the bulk of our smart devices. The dashboard unfortunately is not useful... What is the best option for a user-friendly app on iOS Devices?

I'm using the iOS Home app (integrating Hubitat via Homebridge and the Homebridge/Hubitat plugin from @tonesto7. This allows me to keep my Hubitat hub clean from cloud-based integrations and add them to Homebridge via their respective plugins.


In what ways? You're more likely to get better suggestions if you give more information about what you're looking for (or aren't).

Besides Dashboard, another built-in option is the "Devices" tab on the mobile app. This is more limited than Dashboard in that it only supports certain types of devices (switch/dimmer-type things), you have to put them into "Rooms" first, and you don't have control over the order of things or how they display--whereas Dashboard is much more customizable (not always easily, and perhaps that is part of your concern). Either can work over a LAN or cloud connection.

I rarely need to view or control things when away, but I use a mix of Dashboard and the HomeBridge option mentioned above, FWIW. I also use the Alexa integration, but that's not the easiest thing to use when away, even though text or voice via the Alexa app can do so. Haven't figured out any single "ideal" setup for myself, but the above is enough to get my occasional needs taken care of.


I have a few dashboards that I use for troubleshooting and tweaking rules, but mostly just have my home set to manage itself. Motion controlled lighting is your friend.

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I spoke incorrectly, what I mean was not intuitive. The dashboards need to be manually populated, and device types need to be figured out.

Sounds like what you're looking for might eventually be the "Devices" tab in the mobile app (different from the "Devices" page in the admin UI), but as I hinted at above, it's new-ish and they aren't quite there yet--unless all your device are the switch/dimmer kind that it supports.

You don't have to populate a Dashboard manually; there is an automatic option when you first create one. But personally, I find it easier just to pick the devices I want, add them where I want them, and choose what kind of tile/template to use for it (it can't always guess: if you have a combination motion and temperature sensor that also reports battery, for example, which attribute do you want most prominent? this lets you choose...or makes you, I guess). I agree that the dashboard app UI isn't super-intuitive for all tasks, but you do get used to it. :slight_smile:


In addition to the options above, you might also want to look at the Home Remote.


Thank you, I setup the home remote and home bridge, I’ll see what I like best moving forward.

Post a followup when you decide what works for you, I'd love to hear how your conversion goes. Lack of a WAF friendly dashboard/app on Android is one of the main reasons our production hub is still ST. That and what seems like endless database corruptions being posted about here - makes one gunshy.

I'm just now starting my migration and will be doing this exact thing. I'm already doing it with smartthings.

Can anyone tell me if there's existing drivers to allow data logging to Grovestreams?
My cursory search of the forum did not find anything on that, although there seem to be some data logging options.

On a related note, how about logging to google docs?

I'm currently on ST, and the impending loss of that support is prompting me to look at alternatives.

As far as I know there aren't any existing drivers. I was looking at the API; it seems like should be possible to create a driver. Do you have a SmartThings DTH?

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I recall trying out Grovestreams years ago when I was on SmartThings. Did you follow this guide for ST?

If so, I just copied the SmartApp from GroveStreams SmartThings 1 - Pastebin.com (mentioned in the guide at GroveStreams SmartThings - Quick Start) and pasted it into a new custom App on my Hubitat hub. The SmartApp is really tiny, and I was able to click SAVE and there were no obvious errors thrown. Thus, you may be able to use the Grovstreams SmartApp as-is on Hubitat as a custom app. It is worth a try! :slight_smile:

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Check out this post...


Yes, thats exactly how I installed it on ST years ago. Sounds like I may be able to port over if I decide to go with Hubitat. The google docs tool you referenced was also the one I use for that purpose.

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