Migrating Smarthings with Hue Bulbs paired & Other compatibility queries

I haven't purchased an Hubitat, i'm still in the research phase, checking compatibility issues with my current setup.

Research so far , I believe that Lifx bulbs can be paired setting static IPs with a custom driver and app,
HS-100 Plugs ( Kasa ) with a custom driver.
Wemo Energy monitor plug - Custom driver.
Smarthing motion sensors should just work
Hue Light bulbs ( without hue bridge )?

My current setup as 3 Hue White Extension bulbs paired directly to the smarthings hub, I want to just unpair these and add them directly to Hubitat.

I keep coming across articles saying that Phillips Hue Bulbs, can't be reset without a special dimmer controller and once you pair them to Smartthings that is it you are stuck unless you have the special hardware to reset them, I believe though what people are saying is that once you pair Hue Bulbs directly to ST Hub, you cannot join them back to Hue bridge without the hardware reset, due to the proprietary zigbee protocol/profile that Hue Bridge uses, and that does require the hue dimmer switch.

Which is fine, I don't want to connect them to Phillips Hub, however what isn't clear is if I can unpair them from ST Hub and pair them directly with Hubitat without a factory reset?

If someone knows that would be great, also if other people have comments on the other bits of hardware that I'm planning on shifting over would be great to hear your experiences.

My reasoning for switching to Hubitat is local processing, and hopefully reliability!, fed up of motion sensors or bulbs stop working for no reason with SmartThings, I'm hoping Hubitat can sort all of these things for me.

If anyone can recommend a good Heating Thermostat ( for hot water and heating ) compatible controller that works with Hubitat that runs locally that would be great, I currently have a TADO generation 1 device which i'm going to be replacing soon as it's out of support and is cloud based, it's a nightmare when their service fails you can't control your heating! )

I know Nest isn't an option as they have closed their works with nest programme in the name of security ( bah! )

So wondering what thermostat that can control heating and hotwater are available for Hubitat in the UK.

Two options for resetting your hue lights... option 2 is the better option

I had a couple of Hue White bulbs directly attached to ST when I migrated over to Hubitat, and was able to reset them (want to say 3 on/offโ€™s in rapid succession) and pair them with Hubitat without any issue.

Wow I didn't know you could reset them with an Echo device, brilliant, will give that ago thanks!

Brilliant, that sounds like I should be able to do that as well, I can test it I guess as well before I purchase, nice to hear from some that has already done this.

Thanks people for you advice, i've just placed an order for a Hubitat Hub this evening after reading them...

very helpful and made the decision easy for me.

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