Migrating from c8 to c8 pro

Trying to migrate from c8 to c8 pro. Follow all the steps upto connecting to the new c8 pro. When I go to restore the successful c8 cloud backup, the only cloud backups the c8 pro will show are ancient cloud backups from my c7 even though the c8 cloud backups show through the eyes of the c8 I am wishing to migrate from.

Have tried a lot of restarts, including deregistering the new c8 pro but, in the end, keeping getting back to only seeing the ancient c7 backups when looked at from the c8 pro.

I do have hub protect on the c8 (not yet transferred to the new pro). Running on the c8 pro, running beta on the c8. Suspect that may be creating the problem. If so, how do I correct?