Migrating a Z-Wave Network

Nice. Thanks for the reply.

What I had to do with my Schlage after pairing it was go into the device page and manually delete codes 1-3, then it would let me send codes to the lock. For some reason it wouldn't just overwrite them without me deleting 1-3 first. Had to do this on all three locks. After I realized what I had to do, the rest were a piece of cake. I was using lock code manager to push them.

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ok, answering my own question.

my zooz zen31 had a DNI of 3B with child devices 3B-WHITE and 3B-COLOR

I had changed the DNI to x3B of the parent and that was making the removal fail. I edited it back to have a DNI of just 3B and i was able to remove it.

I can't easily do the same with the zen25 because i have another device right now with a DNI of 0D, so i will have to exclude that first so i can change the zen25 and remove it.

Or you could use a trick I used: change the DNI to a bigger unused number (60) or so, remove that, which will not get a response and thus succeed, to get rid of the device.

Right, but I could not edit the DNI of the child devices and I think the needed to match to get it to remove.

Not for me, they disappeared when I removed the parent.

This is not migration - the process as described is convoluted and prone to user error.

I would have expected Hubitat to have launched a paid migration service. I would have gladly paid $50 to have this automated.

With the process and steps described, I might as well just setup the new device as a brand new device.

Then you might like the Hub Protection Service:

For C-5 to C-7, one can use the Hub Protection Service and avoid all of this work.

(The "C-5" thing above is just to indicate than an earlier hub like a C-4 is not compatible with this service, but C-7 to C-7 would also work given that this service would cover a replacement hub should one be necessary while you have it.)

Unfortunately, that service isn't available yet, but it was announced in July, so hopefully it will be ready soon. In the meantime, the process above is, indeed, manual, as the opening paragraph describes it (but it will work on any generation of hub). I'd still say that's less work than setting up everything new, at least if you have more than a few devices and apps (you won't have to redo any apps this way), but if you're looking for an excuse to start over anyway, it's not a bad one. :slight_smile: (I've done this once or twice myself because I thought it would be easier to re-configure all my automations the way I think I should have done them in the first place...)

Thanks for the quick reply. I purchased the C7 with the intent to upgrade / replace my C5 and then give my C5 to a family member who is a struggling Wink refugee. When i purchased the C7, information around enhancements was sparse, other than the info on the new radio. Since my C5 is running perfectly fine, I'm wondering now if I should just give my family member the C7 instead of going through the hassles of migrating?

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The C-5 and C-7 are similar (identical, really) except that the C-7 has a new Z-Wave chip (700 series or "Plus v2") and a new Z-Wave implementation that includes new features, most notably S2 security. That's mostly what I'd use to make my decision: if you are not interested in any of that, there'd be no difference.

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Perfect, thanks you for clarifying!

Right now, S2 is readily available in new Devices but when I started using a C-7 there were few devices I owned that had S2. I have more now, because I spent the $$ to get some. Especially Inovelli and Zooz.

I think a look into your crystal ball and determine the home that will get the most NEW devices. It will benefit from the C-7 first. :smiley:


So, I got my C-7 all set up with tons of rules involving my 50+ devices.

Since most were new, they had S2 security and I followed the directions that said "don't mess with the following checkboxes unless you know what you're doing"--so I left things checked.

However, I'm having second thoughts--and thinking I should have probably unchecked all of those for my light switches, etc. to help reduce Z-Wave mesh traffic.

@bravenel With the method referenced at the top of this thread let me exclude/re-include these devices with the S2 boxes unchecked without having to redo all my rules?

  • Edit and save the DNI of the device (prepend an "X")
  • Enter Z-Wave exclusion mode and exclude the device
  • Enter Z-Wave inclusion mode and include the device (uncheck the boxes)
  • Edit the newly included device's DNI to pre-pend a hex digit(s) (so it doesn't match an existing DNI)
  • Change the original device to the DNI that was used initially by the newly included device.
  • Remove the newly included device with the out-of-range DNI


Ok.. wow. .Yea.. that won't work..

You could:

  • Factory reset the device
  • Use refresh to get the device marked as failed
  • Then use the replace button to re-include

So, following that logic.... for a new replacement device, could you do the same?

Getting ready to replace about 10 GE/Jasco switches with Inovelli... Was already thinking of just pulling out each switch (One at a time), installing the Inovelli switch, then running refresh till it failed and using replace to pair the new switch in it's place.

Would that work for going from generic zwave switch/dimmer to a newer switch/dimmer with S2? Or does it have to be a similar device?

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Same here. Lucky I read your post. :sweat_smile:

What might be the ramifications of not resetting a Z-Wave device when moving it to a C7.

In Bruce's original instructions he lists one step as "Reset the device". I have some older devices that have been working fine for some year or so. However these devices (Linear WD500Z-1 dimmers) are real finicky about doing anything. They are however real plain, installed and working on my C4 hub.

Is not resetting even doable?

Z-wave devices are "bound" to their hub.

At the very least, you need to do an "exclude" for the device before you can join it to a new hub. And, you want to be careful where/how you exclude it so it doesn't wipe out a bunch of rules.

Thanks I'll give that a shot. For exclusion I have an S2 stick.