Migrated from Wink to HE C-8

I've recently migrated from Wink 2 to HE C-8 and thus far the process has gone pretty smoothly for me. I have a rather simple setup with just some (7) Zigbee recessed lights and a number of GE/Jasco in-wall Z-Wave switches.

Initially I had a little trouble figuring out exactly what magical sequence was necessary to reset my Zigbee recessed lights but once I finally found the information it went fairly smoothly from there.

Before embarking on trying to get the Z-Wave switches connected I did a lot of searching and reading here in the community which honestly I think made all the difference in my success in this area. Even with my older switches I simply had to start the exclusion in Hubitat, hit the switch, then start the inclusion and hit the switch again. It really did work just that easy for both my on/off switches and dimmers.

I simply wanted to make a post and acknowledge the community for being so helpful in all the threads I read through as I started my migration. I learned a lot reading through everything. I consider myself quite the novice despite having started with a couple switches back in about 2016 or so and had been a user of the Wink 2 hub since my start. It was time to part ways with Wink and in my quest for a replacement it brought me to Hubitat. Thus far I am very happy and have managed to create a handful of scenes, a basic rule for scheduling my porch light and successfully created a (only slightly) more complex rule in Rule Machine for winding down at night.

My next tasks to tackle will be integrating with Amazon Echo to get back the voice control I had grown so accustomed to and finally replacing the iHome smart plugs which went "dark" some time ago. For the plugs I am actually leaning toward SONOFF S31 Lite ZB.

So, thank you, as reading through the community and the help docs helped me to have a pretty successful migration.


Thanks for the post, nice to see someone taking the time to share a happy beginning. This is one of the more supportive communities I've ever participated in, have to agree that it's a nice place to get help and help others (as your knowledge/experience grows).

Onward... :slight_smile:

Oh, and just so you know, we generally don't mention Wink around @rlithgow1. He gets a little crazy when he hears that name... :scream: :rofl:


Welcome. And congratulations on no longer financing will.i.am’s next con.

Over time, I’d recommend replacing any zwave devices with zwave+ equivalents.

I found Zooz devices to be priced economically, and to function very well. There’s built-in support for them, as well as community drivers from @jtp10181 that expose additional device functionality. Finally, @agnes.zooz (from Lorenz HD/Zooz), who frequents this forum, is exceptionally responsive to requests from the community.


Honestly, I had visions of the process being much more difficult but I was able to find so much poking around here before I started that it made a daunting task much easier. Of course now there's so much more I want to try! :laughing:

:rofl: I will definitely keep that in mind.


Former Wink user here as well. Hubitat is amazing compared to Wink. Wink is very limited in automations, integrations, and in device support compared to Hubitat.

Wink looked nice, and was beginner level easy to use, but it fell way behind other hubs in the years since its introduction. Development just stopped after 2017, and the writing was on the wall after that first extended outage.

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I did actually have a couple that suffered the click of death. One was replaced a fair bit ago with Z-Wave+, Enbrighten if I recall. The other I have waiting to be installed because I wanted/needed to migrate first. That's also Enbrighten which I got on Prime Day at a great price. I'll definitely look into Zooz some more, thank you. Future upgrades will no doubt happen.


I am slowly discovering a lot of what I've been missing @neonturbo . By that, I mean, things that I never realized I wanted until I said - "you can do that?!"

I drug my feet longer than I ever intended but I was floundering trying to decide where to go next.


One of the big differences between Hubitat and others is that there is a difference between "Admin and User" interaction with the software. As an "admin" you have the ability to Exclude and Include devices, create Rules, add Apps and Driver code, and a lot more. Users on the other hand can do none of that.. they have access to Dashboards and devices that either are or act like buttons.

Devices like Zooz offer double tap, for example. That double tap is functionally a button that you can assign to almost anything. Users can double tap, but they cannot define what it does, that's an Admin task.

I can't easily express how impressive that is. When I first started my journey on another hub I was shocked that the interface to the hub is single layer. At the time my kids were much younger but there on the single interface that the Hub developers offered, was a lovely Delete button. SmartThings was the same, and although I tried Wink for less than a month, I didn't see any way to hide admin functions.


Welcome to the community fellow weary traveller! :slight_smile:

While some have had good luck with line powered Sonoff devices, my experience has been a little less satisfying (with poor signal repeating/mesh responsiveness).
My personal favourites are Sengled plugs (when we can get them here :canada:) and I've heard good things about Innr plugs (which are also pretty scarce in these parts).

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At present, I continue to be the only one interacting with the hub/devices so I've not really looked into this aspect. I do see where this would be extremely important to reduce the chances of wreaking havoc...even unintentionally.

Welcome to Hubitat! If you haven't seen this, read this post. It will help avoid some gotchas. Especially with z-wave. Avoid ghosts!

Hey @Ranchitat , thanks for the "plug" regarding the Sonoff vs Sengled plugs. I had seen a few posts recommending Sengled but was thinking I didn't really need power monitoring. Maybe I'll rethink that in the interest of reliability and responsiveness.

Power monitoring can also be used as a trigger for rules. Let say you have an outlet monitoring a sump. Simple notification (though you can obviously be more complex) If outlet power >5watt then send message "Sump just turned on"


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Thank you very much @rlithgow1 , I hadn't seen this particular post but have given it a read and bookmarked it. Happy to say I have no ghosts right now so it looks like I'm on the right track. :ghost: :smiley:

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