Migrated from Wink, Setup all new Devices, Need Help Dusk to Dawn Setup

I had very old switches, and bought all new GE Enbrighten Dimmers.....was able to add all 4, but 2 need to be setup to automatically for Dusk to Dawn. How is that done, I set up a group and added those 2 dimmers, but have no clue from there.

Also how do I see these remotely like the old wink app?

Hi @wccdragon

You can do this using the built-in app "Simple Automation Rules". Go to apps, then select "Add Built-in App", then select "Simple Automation Rules".

Then create a new rule that looks like this:

Create a Dashboard and use the Hubitat mobile app.


Thanks I got it all set up.

How do I see these are on or not from my iphone?

You missed the last part of my previous response :grin:

Create a Dashboard. Add the devices you want to the dashboard. Make the dashboard as pretty as you want. And use the dashboard using the Hubitat iOS mobile app.


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You can either do as Ashok (@aaiyar) correctly suggests, or else, after you build the Dashboard, grab WAN and LAN links to that Dashboard from the Dashboard app, and put them as Favorites in Safari or as icon shortcuts on your iPhone Home Screen:

Dashboard app screenshot

This way, you can have one Dashboard layout for your iPhone, one layout for your iPad, etc., and you don’t have to use the mobile app.


I've got the dashboard setup with the buttons for the dimmers......how to setup the activation for the buttons to toggle on or off?


The dimmers tiles are set and work but tiles go all black after I touch them and how do I tell if the device is on or not?

Apologies, this is all so different than the canned setup I had prior.

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I should let someone else who uses Dashboards step in and answer. I use the Apple Home app on my iPhone (via Homebridge), so my knowledge of Dashboards is very very slim.

There must be something set up wrong here. Could you provide some screenshots so I can figure out how you have things set up? Here are some screenshots of my dimmers and tiles and dashboards, showing what info would be helpful. The Dashboard shows many dimmers (the tiles with sliders). Focus on the Alcove Light, on the right of the Dashboard, 5th tile down in last column.


Dashboard with Alcove Light off:

Dashboard after touching the light bulb icon on Alcove Light tile, showing Alcove Light on. Note that dimmer level is independent of whether the light is on or off.

Info for Alcove Light tile, get this by touching 3 vertical dots on bottom right corner of Alcove Light tile.

Dashboard app, select this Dashboard (iPad Dashboard).

Devices page, showing Alcove Light device:

Three screenshots showing the Alcove Light device. Notice, at the bottom of the third screenshot, that the device is shown “in use by” two dashboards.

Compare this setup with what you have.

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I have them all working correctly......no matter what color I make the background, the dimmer tiles go all black hiding the fonts, after a minute and all I see is the white slider button.

Yours went from grey to blue when activated. Mine fade to black.

Ok, now I understand. Click on the gear in the upper right corner of the Dashboard to get to the Dashboard settings. That’s where you can play with the colors for background and tiles.

You my see things a little differently on my Dashboard because I am using the Smartly user-contributed skin. You can also get full tinkering control by playing with the CSS on the Dashboard settings.


Smartly release

Smartly support

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I figured it out. I had to use the advanced options and select the colors I wanted for off and on under the templates. They were defaulted to black/black.

I am up and running!! Thanks for the help. Goodbye Wink!!