Migrate from c5 to c8

Thanks (and I wish I'd known about the limitation for the zwave dongle. Yes, I have one of those since I'm in the UK)
Rewiring is needed on some - just because of the where a lot of the devices are physically located. I can;t access them without unwiring. Couldn fit 4 dimmer modules inside the backbox itself.
Thanks for the suggestion, yes, I'll run them both and find a way to transition over time.
Just more painful than I was hoping.

If you have the Z-Wave.me UZB dongle then that should be a supported Hub Protect migration option as per Hub Protect | Hubitat Documentation

I'm not sure why that's a different scenario ("Hub Protect" migration) than the one mentioned on How to Migrate to a New Hub | Hubitat Documentation which only specifies C7 migration .....

I did suggest that all these different combinations could be better clarified by Hubitat previously because they are catching a lot of people out.

A simple table of "models / radios / etc" with "supported free / supported Hub Protect / not tested but should work / won't work / etc" would be very useful IMHO.

Two full days later and I'm slowly getting back to a working state but it's been a major pain. I definitely think it would have been easier just starting from scratch in the c8.

The exclusion and inclusion was actually easier than expected - I didn't have to physically access all the zwave modules thanks to Fibaro allowing you to trigger inclusion from the attached switch. But once included to the c8, the new devices got cross-wired over the migrated devices, rendering the swap-devices feature useless and creating a world of confusion.

And finally, almost nothing worked correctly until each device had been reinitialised by a crazy procedure that involves changing the driver twice. The Fibaro modules are awesome but the hubitat drivers take a lot of trial and error, particularly if you want to use their secondary switch capabilities.

So anyone migrating from a c5, be prepared for a bumpy ride. I'm sure the end result is a better/faster hub - but the transition may be painful. Depends how many devices you have. I probably have a lot.

If it's using the z-waveme stick, it should migrate like any other migration I believe.

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