Clarify C8 Migration From Hubs With External USB Radios

@bobbyD @bcopeland @mike.maxwell

Understandably there's a lot of questions about migrating to C8 from users with older hubs using external USB radios. So far nearly all responses I've seen having been that there's no migration path other than to re-pair all devices.

As I understand it, some external USB radios are supported for migration, for example if you have a hub using the UZB for Z-Wave then that should be OK. This seems to be confirmed on this page, but I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere:

Also, for Zigbee, since it's only the IEEE address writing ability on the target chip that's usually the blocker for coordinator migration, technically any Zigbee USB external radio should also migrate fine?

Is it possible to clarify and perhaps make a sticky post that shows exactly what migration scenarios are covered?

Even if it shows that some scenarios might work, but weren't specifically tested, it would give users a choice whether to try it for themselves rather than to head straight to the nuclear option of re-pairing all devices!

While a list of migration scenarios would be great, you can probably find out by a small test...

Create a Cloud Backup on your old hub. Then on the C-8, start the migration, choosing the cloud backup you just made.. it will offer check boxes for each radio in the backup. You can cancel out at this point, since it's just a test to read the checkboxes.