Migrate from c5 to c8

If I was to decide to make the change, can I easily migrate via the cloud or will I have to manually reinstall all of my devices?

Cloud migration from C-5/C-7 is free to C-8 and is easy.. Supports both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.


If you’re in North America, i.e. using both internal C-5 radios, then the migration is very simple. No device repairing needed.

Took me less than 15 minutes.


Quick question about the migration. I'm planning to migrate to C8, but keep the C5 as a sandbox, and maybe deal with some chatty devices.

After I power it off and want to turn it back on, should I factory reset it to avoid any conflicts, and set it up as a new hub?

That would be best

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Soft Reset + Reset both Radios will be needed.


And it is advised to make sure the Zigbee radio in the old hub is using a different Zigbee channel than the new C-8 hub.


What about when I am using external Zwave radio (EU version)?
How to migrate from C5 to C8?

Just got the C8. Should I disable z-wave on my old C5 before shutting down to do the migration? I'm afraid if I don't, and boot it up again, it will mess up the Z-wave network before I can get to the proper settings page to turn it off and reset the device.

Wont hurt, I didnt on my C7 and booted it back up a few days later to reset the radios and soft reset. Did not cause any noticeable issues.


Good to know! Thanks! Just nervous that I've accumulated so much stuff on my hub over the years, there's no telling what won't work after the migration.

Hi, I just finished migration. The Z-Wave Devices migrated fine, and picked up after a short bit, however, none of the Zigbee Devices are responding. Before shutting down old hub, I did switch Zigbee channel, and immediately shut-down hub.

Few bulbs that I have, I was able to put in pairing mode, and re-scan Zigbee, which picked up the devices, and everything started working as expected. So far, I have reset 4 bulbs (two Ikea, and two OSRAM). The Ikea Tradfri controllers are still causing issues, as well as few of the Lowe's IRIS outlets (they are marked as ZWave, but always picked up as Zigbee).

The Lowe’s Iris 3210-L outlets are Zigbee devices. They also include a Z-Wave repeater, which is known to be somewhat flakey. Current best practice is to not try pairing the Z-Wave repeater portion of these outlets.

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Thanks! I did some reading last night, and found out about the repeater (it makes more sense now).

I never used that function, so I'm not missing it actually.

I've tried changing the frequencies, but that did not work (sadly). So to keep the high WAF, I decided to re-pair items manually, luckily only two sensors are Zigbee, rest are ZWave.

The Iris 3210-L outlets have to be removed from Hubitat, then re-added. One of my Zigbee (Zigbee NUE) inline controllers had to be put back into pairing mode, and re-discovered. The other one will have to be dropped altogether, and re-added. Bulbs (mix of Ikea and OSRAM) worked fine by putting into pairing mode, and re-running Zigbee pairing.

I still have few more Ikea remotes - but they're not super high priority, and I don't consider them be "part of the issue" as I know they are notoriously flaky with non-Ikea stuff.

And to clarify, when I first started the hub last night, it pulled the update, and gave the error message about not being able to import data, however I assumed it to be a mistake since I saw all devices and apps migrated in. I have updated this morning, but the devices were still not responding.

Just quick update,

The Gen 1 Iris Zigbee device(s) are having some issues. I have factory reset the plug, put it in pairing mode. The Hub sees it, and starts the adoption process, but times out. I have another Zigbee plug, as well as some Zigbee plugs and they are working fine.

I'm using the "Iris v1" pairing mode

@bobbyD Has any one reported something similar?

No other reports, but the V1 devices are becoming a rarity.

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Thank you @bobbyD !

I'll try to use another device in the meantime, and maybe play with the V1 later

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FWIW, I have just one Iris V1 plug and it's working normally, no actions required, on my C-8 after migration from C-7.

I also have several V1 buttons and all of them but one are reporting normally. The one that isn't appears to have other issues not related to the hub migration. So they can/should work...

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Agh, I'm a C5 owner (with a lot of devices), and I bought a C8 after reading all the posts to check it was possible to migrate z-wave radios from a C5.
But on attempting to restore from the cloud backup, I dont see the option to migrate the z-wave data. Did I do something wrong or did the online info mislead me ?

Reconfiguring would mean days of work to recover - since most of my devices are in wall sokckets/cavities etc - and I'll practically have to rewire them all. This was what I really hoped to avoid. So aggravating.
I wonder if I can run both hubs and somehow transition the z wave devices over time.
Anyone else run into this headache?

Do you have a C5 with the external zwave radio dongle? That cannot be migrated.

Why would you have to rewire devices? All you have to do is exclude or factory reset them.

You should be able to migrate over as much as possible and then slowly move zwave over. Since you are not migrating zwave the network ID will be different between hubs so they wont cross talk. You could exclude or reset the device, then pair to the new hub, then use Swap Apps to move the automations from the old device entry to the new one. Then delete the old device from both hubs.