Meross MSG200 Setting up

Hi All,
I am new to Hubitat, and this is my first post and request for assistance.
I try to integrate Moross MSG200 garage door opener with HE as per the below instruction:
GitHub - ithinkdancan/hubitat-meross: Hubitat Drivers for Meross Smart Plugs
So far, I managed to upload the code and was able to obtain credentials as per the above post.
I have no clue how to generate the key for MSG200.
As I am new in this stuff, I would highly appreciate it if someone could walk me through the whole setup process in the simplest way possible (for Dummies).

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Welcome aboard the HE train.... :slight_smile:

I'm going to assume you are not familiar with Python / Linux, and to some extent I would count myself in that group, though I know enough to be dangerous :slight_smile:

Probably one for the dev to explain in more detail. Guessing @ithinkdancan is the one to answer your question...?

I started out thinking I would guide you through installing a driver and setting up a new device, but seems more specitic to this driver than I anticipated... If you are still stuck in a day or two, post back here and we can see what we can do to help.


Hi Simon,
Thank you for the replay. I have managed to install already few drivers, but this one is more difficult. Have no clue about Phyton/Linux.
Usually can follow detailed instructions, and most devices work as they should or are planned (it takes a lot of time and dedication :grin:). Unfortunately, this time is more challenging than usual (even google is clueless in this matter).
I would really appreciate any help.

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I know bit's a pieces of what they are talking about, but it does seem like a complicated process. Do you have a Raspberry Pi at all, or any other Linux device?

Hi Simon,
Unfortunately, I do not have any Linux devices. Do you know if it would be possible to connect Meross MSG200 through IFTT? Any other alternative for garage door controller with the status open/close?
Thank you so much for being so helpful so far.

I don't have any experience with Meross stuff myself, unfortunately, or automating my garage door (yet....). Hopefully someone else can help in that regard.

If you're interested in exploring garage door options other than Meross, search the community here for a term like "local control garage door opener" (or similar search-term variations) -- there are a lot of good threads/posts here along those lines.

Lots of good information came up again in the community fairly recently on the topic of garage door automation due to the MyQ cloud kerfuffle earlier this year.

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