Means to Activate not turning all lights on

I have two switches in a room that I want to turn on together. Here is the "Means to Activiate" that is setup by default.

As I read this, both kitchen cans and under cabinets should be turned on by pressing button 1 (up) for either switch. That is not what actually happens. When I push the up or down buttons on either of these switches, it is turning off or on the connected light only.

Is my understanding of this screen correct ... any of the actions listed under "Means to Activate" should activate all devices in the room?

If so then it is not functioning as expected.
If not, how this screen is designed is confusing.

You need to examine the logs to see what is going on.

Turned Debug on and when I press the on button this is all that shows (646 is my Kitchen Lights app)

app:646 2022-12-01 11:15:45.615 am debugEvent: Under Cabinets switch on

I'm talking about the app logs, not debug logging. Perhaps you should just show us the full Room Lights setup page so we aren't left guessing what you're trying to do.

I have app and debug logs both enabled. Then I go to logs and watch the current logs while I click the up button. The result is only that one line. AFAIK that should show both app and debug logs.

Here is the full setup

Note, the above config had "2 pushed" because I was trying to see if double click would work. I put it back to "1 pushed".

And when I tried press up again I now see 3 log entries

app:6462022-12-01 11:44:23.490 am debugEvent: Under Cabinets switch on
app:6462022-12-01 11:44:20.530 am infoAlready Activated
app:6462022-12-01 11:44:20.526 am infoActivation Event: 'Under Cabinets' pushed 1


If I turn off the Kitchen Lights via Room Lighting/Kitchen lights in the Hubitat UI, then a light switch will turn on both lights.

So appears to be an issue with turning lights off. The switches turn off only the attached light. Using both switches to turn off both lights means the Room Lighting/Kitchen lights status is still Active even though all lights in it are off.

Therefore a switch press will not turn on all the lights because Hubitat believes Kitchen lights is already active.

Use option under Activate Lights Options for "Activate even if partially Activated".

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