Markup code to pretty up your posts


I have seen some pretty fancy posts here om the forum using code snippets, quotes, links, drop down lists etc etc.

Just thought i would share some of these options on formatting your message here for everyone to review and use.

Ref: reference documentation

  1. Using triggers like quote, code, summary, details or #
- Using [ ] or < > to encapsulate your formatting triggers
- close the formatting with the same trigger in  brackets preceeded with a slash / after the opening trigger

Using # will enable you to link to a forum section

Also drop down lists are possible using the trigger details within opening and closing <>
Example formatting, results below

<details><drop-down list>Text block you want to summarize</details>

<summary> Title </summary>
Your summary in text here

  1. Simple drop down list
Text block you want to summarize
  1. Fancy dropdown list
fancy dropdown list Your summary in text here ...

Cheers! (And thanks for the usefull answers so far already, learning every minute here!)
And last but not least, dont be afraid to edit a post youve made :facepunch:t3:


All this can be inserted without having to hand code :slight_smile: Notice I made part of the quote bold with the bold button.


I urge users to take the tutorial(s) offered by PM'ing @hubby the chat-bot here on HE's Discourse forum. It will teach you the basics of things like Markdown syntax.

My favorite are tables:

Syntax Description
Header Title
Paragraph Text

created like this:

| Syntax      | Description |
| ----------- | ----------: |
| Header      | Title       |
| Paragraph   | Text        |


Hey, look at that! You remembered my name, I am flattered :blush:

Since you’ve tagged me, let me tell you how I can help.

You can start a useful tutorial by replying to me with @hubby start tutorial.

Or, you can learn more about other cool things I can assist you with, by just replying to me with: @hubby display help.

Since I can post privately or publicly, if you prefer to learn more about me, in private, you can always send me a private message (PM).

If you ever need my assistance, just tag me, and I'll post this message again.


I did not know about the details drop-down list style, as that is not in the menu.

Discourse does not have BBCode by default, and I do not think we had it last time I checked. They must have installed the add on at some point, because now I see it does in fact work testing with the bold tags. [b]bold[/b]

Good to know. I may have to fancy up my driver posts some more the next time I edit them.

I am definitely going to make use of Markdown for Footnotes and Task Lists somewhere.


Hey @jtp10181 Jeff,

How about the


Seems its not implemented yet :laughing:


I have a massive post ("Dashboard Apps Roundup 2023") coming up next month that will be using Markdown extensively. Thanks for the reminder about BBcode!

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I hope HubiVue is in there...

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