Making Google Mini or Alexa to speak

Is there an easy way to make Google Mini or Alexa speak?

I want to setup a rule that when either the front or back door contact sensors is opened either Google or Alexa says, "Alarm Triggered" and repeats that every 5 seconds until the alarm is turned off or intrusion is triggered.

Plenty of ways... just search TTS

There is a built in app ‘chromecast’ which can be used to connect your gh mini to hubitat.
Then you could use Rule Machine to create the rules to ‘speak’

How do you make the Chromecast app discover your google home mini?

You need to set them up in the Google Home app and they must be on the same lan as your hubitat hub.
I would also recommend that your reserve ip addresses for each device in your router.
Then go to the apps page and install the built-in chromecast app.
As part of the installation, the app will search your local lan and, once found, it will list any gh minis that it has found.
Be patient because the detection can take a few minutes before the app finds your devices.
Then just select which devices you want to connect to hubitat.
The app will then create the GH devices for you and put them into your ‘devices’ page


Actually I stumbled on a very easy way to make one of your Echo devices say something. Assuming you have the Amazon Echo Skill app loaded. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a virtual motion device for each phrase you want Alexa to say. Open the device and verify that the auto inactive is set to 15 seconds.

  2. Click on the Amazon Echo Skill in the apps and allow her to see that new device.

  3. In your Amazon Alexa app on your phone run a device discovery for the new motion sensor.

  4. Create a new Routine in the Amazon Alexa app. Name it and choose Smart Home under the "When this happens". Select the new motion device you created and exposed to Alexa. Select Detected. Add an action for Alexa Says and type what you want her to say. Choose the speaker you want her to use. If you want all devices to say it, use the Announce under messaging.

  5. Back in Hubitat create a rule. Trigger it however you want and in the Actions choose "Set mode or variables, Run Custom Action" and select Custom Action. Select Motion for "Select capability of action device" and choose the device you created. Set the custom command to Active and click done with the action.

Its not as slick as TTS, but if you only have a few phrases its much simpler and you dont need to go through adding any additional apps.


Thank you so much !
Works great for my few Alexa notifications.

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