How to add Echo as a speech or music device?

New to Hubitat. I want to create a rule where if a water sensor goes off, that I get an audio notification from my Echo. Problem is that it isn't an option as a speech or music device. When I did some googling, I did go through the 'Amazon Echo Skill' set up process, but this doesn't populate it in the list.

Welcome to Hubitat. You can do something like this:

Or install one of these two community apps:


thumbs up for echo speaks

For someone with a single hub, and someone who transitioned from SmartThings, I have Echo Speaks on SmartThings still, and HubConnect linking my four Echos to HE. I even have the ST hub powered off at this point.
I think this is the preferred setup, to have the cloud apps on ST, and not on the HE hub. Is that correct? This is a more complicated setup, but this works very well for me, I rarely have any slow downs.

This is indeed a good configuration. I have a single cloud integration (SleepIQ), ave I’ve left it on ST.