Mains Powered Scene Controller w/ buttons

Yup, I have many co-workers with those. They do look nice.

Here are a few of them ... (some are harder to find than others, though):

  1. Enerwave ZWN-SC7/SC8 (I don't think the 8 was ever released publicly)
  2. Leviton VRCS-4/VRCZ-4/VRCS-2 (I think the VRCZ is supported --- someone here was working on an integration, so you should look into that first).
  3. Inovelli Red-Series devices (multiple taps for different scenes)
  4. Eaton Aspire (previously mentioned)
  5. Inovelli Fan Combo Controller (works with scenes, you could also use the buttons as triggers for other scenes)
  6. Zooz Fan Combo controller (same idea as 5)

Yes but better looking.

Yes or even Zigbee

I never even looked at anything Wink. If I could get it easily into HE, that might be a good option if wife approves of look. It would be perfect in our living room.

I am not averse to Tasmota and soldering. I already use a Tasmotized Sonoff Bridge for motion and moisture sensors and 3 Basics along with about 5 Tasmotized NodeMCUs. Do you know if their 8-button remote could be paired to a Sonoff Bridge with the bridge's 16 button options? I assume so. It's battery but maybe it doesn't sleep as much.

The Cooper Easton would be perfect except for the $$$$. DANG!!!!

Thanks everyone for the leads. Time for some more research (aka spend more money on devices).

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Eaton/Cooper - not zwave plus
Leviton - not zwave plus
Enerwave - not zwave plus

Oh well. Since I will not use non-plus devices on my mesh, and I view the Wink Relay as a security issue, I'll continue to look elsewhere.

Lutron does, and they (unlike some other options) would work with Hubitat: their seeTouch Keypads sound a lot like what you're asking for. They require RA2, and they are not cheap, but you can be custom engraved for "free" (if you have the certificate that a new purchase would come with) and they have a variety of button configurations to choose from:

Me? I settle for Picos. If the labels don't match what I want, I'm not afraid of a P-Touch labelmaker (a high-res one doesn't look that bad, though I've seen some attempts that do). I'm not really worried about battery life on these things. Lutron claims 10 years, but even if that doesn't hold up, they're pretty easy to replace and a fairly "standard" size (CR2032) as far as coin cells go. Unlike many Zigbee and some Z-Wave devices, these only do something when you press a button--no periodic "check ins" or battery or temperature reports back to the hub. Therefore, I'd also expect them to last a while.

But if I felt like it was worth the money, seeTouch would be at the top of my keypad list. :slight_smile:

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Since my original post, I thought I could just use a cheap $20 Android phone I already have in office. I have a tablet on wall in Laundry Room attached to a smart plug. A Tasker profile keeps tablet battery between 30% - 85% and a motion sensor in the room turns the smart plug off then on (or on then off depending on current state) to wake up tablet. My phone in office is is simply taking notifications from Wyze cameras, Amcrest cameras and my Eufy doorbell and passing along to HE so it could be moved anywhere. It too is connected to a Smart Plug keeping battery from dying or over-charging and there is a motion sensor already in room.

Hmmmm, next step is to test functionality and SAF........

Those seeTouch ones look really nice. Any idea on the price?

Appreciate the list of options in a single post...

I'm coming from INSTEON where I have 3 of the 8-button scene controller with backlights and have been searching for a Z-Wave replacement. The Enerwave and Leviton are both very good replacements but did not see Enerwave on the supported list and I believe the Leviton would require a new hub. By chance has someone written a driver for the Enerwave ZWN-SC7?

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Yup :slight_smile: Author seems familiar. I wonder if they’re nice :thinking:

(wiping the egg from my face)... guess the only thing left now is to find this dang device :slight_smile:

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Well, first you need an RA2 system (not RA2 Select, which does not support these either). So, if you don't already have that, there's a bit of a cost with that alone, as you'll need at least the Main Repeater (the RA2 equivalent of a Caséta Pro Bridge as far as the network is concerned) to get started. Pricing for that appears to start around $150 on eBay (I was lucky and got mine around that price) to $450 or more from online retailers. The system is technically intended for professional installation, so contacting a local (or not) authorized Lutron dealer is what they'd want you to do. I don't know what real-world pricing usually is for these, as I went the former route.

For the actual keypads, price varies depending on model. Lutron lists all RA2-compatible models on their website (see the "Keypads" section). A quick search for the RRD-W5BRLIR model, a 5-button plus raise/lower buttons model, makes it look like they are $250-275 new. I see one for $130 on eBay, but it's not clear to me if it comes with the engraving certificate (which if you're paying this much for it and don't want blank buttons, you might as well get). Other models will likely be different.

So far, I've stuck with Picos, despite having RA2. :slight_smile:

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Pretty easy to do it. See this thread.

Completely local so @JasonJoel if you block it for everything other than lan and ntp it isn’t a security issue.

I don’t know much about bridges... I only use smart plugs and dimmers...

Disagree there. Still an issue, just a lesser one. But everyone's tolerance/acceptance to unpatched devices is different - I recognize that.

They are pretty cool devices. I wish someone would make something basically exactly like that, but current and still supported. Although.... Then I would probably just complain about how expensive they are. Lol

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Not sure if Z-Wave 700 capabilities open up new device possibilities to get closer to Lutron performance. One part of why the RadioRA 2 keypads work so well is that the keypads transmit the commands directly to both the end device and the Main Repeater. When programming a RadioRA 2 system part of the process is passing the devices and programming to the keypad. It adds a few minutes when making changes, but it's a part of making the system so robust.

Understand your issue...then wink relays are not for you...

They are $30 on eBay. Their value has plummeted as the number of people wanting to use wink plummets because of the $5 subscription

I have the VRCS4-M0Z. It's not exactly anything to write home about but it works. Hubitat recognizes the device. The scene buttons (1-4) are "pushed" only, while the raise/lower buttons (5-6) have both "pushed" and "released"

I don't have it set up to talk directly to any of the switches, just send button pushes to the Hubitat Button Contollers app. The one thing I really don't like about it is that it's not Z-Wave plus.

What about using in-wall switches as purely scene controllers? Eg. The Fibaro Dimmer 2 has two switch inputs, so you could get a 2-button controller out of one of those, and use whatever switches you like. I'm pretty sure other in-wall devices could provide similar options, but I happen to have Fibaro devices. I don't have any installed as pure scene controllers, but I have done a combo where switch 1 controls an attached load, and switch 2 is a scene controller.

I am bringing back one of my posts from months ago because Zooz came thru with the win and their Zen32 Scene Controller. I now have 4 of them throughout house. Evidently, Inovelli has one in development but it won't be out for months and Zooz already got my money for this.

Thank you @agnes.zooz


So glad you like the Scene Controller! It was a long time coming for this one :sweat_smile:


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