Lutron VCRX

@bravenel is the VCRX supported in the Lutron integration? Specifically the CCO/CCI for garage door use and sensor input?

I have a VCRX in my system. I use the CCO, using a device type called a Lutron Momentary Button. I'm not where I can look at my RA2 setup, but I think each CCO shows up as a separate device. And the VCRX shows up as a keypad.

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Good news. Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm considering getting one for garage door control.

That's what I use it for. The nice thing is that their radio has better range than the ones on my garage door openers, and can be programmed into the buttons in our cars (using the Lutron remote: LR-3B-H-SW). This allows me to open the garage doors from a greater distance when coming home.

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Does a phantom button need to be assigned to Input 1/2 in order to query and get a status of Open/Close for the door? Or are you doing something else in the driver to get that status?

Doing a typical query against Input 1 on the VCRX yields an error.

[EDIT] Yeah I'm being dumb at the moment... your driver is listening to the monitor so it sees the state changes. If this is correct then at first it is out of sync and need a cycle to sync up right?

I don’t use VCRX for open close status, and for me it wouldn’t work. I use a conventional Zigbee multi-sensor on the garage door for knowing it’s open or closed status. There is no feedback from my garage door opener to VCRX, nor even that possibility.

Ahh.. Currently I'm running a pair of Insteon IOLinc which are connected to the openers and each one has a magnetic contact sensor wired to them providing the open/close status. The VCRX has the Input 1/2 which I was planning to use with the existing wired contact sensors but looking through the integration guide there's no way to query the status of Input 1/2 but the open/close status of those inputs is in the monitor output. The alternative would be to setup an action to a phantom button to follow the state....

I'll take a look tomorrow to see if there is a way to get a driver for those inputs.

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Cool. Would be very useful.

Please explain what you mean by this. Could you post what you see from these inputs.

Someone is asking similar questions in the Lutron forums...

No because I don't have the VCRX yet. However as actually @bill.d also replied I'm following that post on the Lutron forum to see where it goes and looking to see if this will be possible with Hubitat or not.

I figured it out. You do have to set up the CCI in Essentials (or Inclusive) to be Maintained input, not momentary. Then it sends commands for closure closed and closure open. There will need to be a new driver to support this, as all three CCIs report against a single device (the VCRX). Other than that detail, this could be used with a Lutron Motion Sensor driver, but it would not distinguish between the different inputs (as in, if you only needed a single input).

I will look to add this driver for the next release. It will show up in automations as a Contact Sensor, with open and close as its events. The driver will maintain its current state internally, thus solving the issue of not being able to query the VCRX for its state.


VCRX driver now available in 2.2.0 release.

I saw that :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I've migrated most of my house over to RR2 now as well. Had a big install job so I could afford to outfit my own house :slight_smile:

Are you L2?

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If by L2 you mean Inclusive, yes.

Yes. cool. If not I was going to inform you Lutron is providing a special series of online training... mid May is what I was told.

I took the course with them a few years ago.

Cool. Just thought I'd pass it along if you weren't already. I was trying to schedule time to head up to PA for the training but now I don't have to travel for it :slight_smile:

My experience was that from a content perspective, it could have been done online. They do a bunch of hands-on stuff with a cool little training station, where you actually load up a main repeater and do things with it. When I took the course everyone else there, about 20 people, were professional Lutron installers/dealers. It was fairly laid back, but informative.

Personally, I don't like their tactic of separating their markets and such with arbitrary restrictions in their software. It's very old school thinking. They have their reasons and I understand them. But, I have to think they could be a bit more open and progressive in their approach, and benefit from it. On the other hand, its hard to argue with success. Invented the digital dimmer, have sold billions of them; invented RF technology for remote switch control, and have the premier technology in that space, hands down better than Z-Wave or Zigbee. Family owned and managed company, privately held, no bank debt, no analysts, just doing things their way.

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