Lutron VCRX

From what I've been told there's a "hardware kit" included so I'll see what I get.

Yeah business segmentation aside Lutron has excellent products and we may not like the segmentation but it's working for them. It's somewhat annoying that Caseta and Select are getting some features now but not RA2 but I'm thinking of that as "beta testing" before pushing those features up the chain :slight_smile:

Lutron is by far the best RF lighting and customer service is top notch.

Which features?

that's funny I was just thinking to myself that "features" was the wrong wording.... :slight_smile:

Previous it was better app + voice now with connect that's come to RA2. The only thing I can think of is the Pico Fan controller (which might be in Inclusive)....thinking...yeah... I think that's about it :slight_smile:

Isn't the Pico Fan Controller just engraving on a Pico?

On the outside. However I tried using a standard 3BRL and it won't assign the RL to the fan speed control.

Do you mean, to the RA2 fan control?


You can just do that function with Hubitat then.

That's an artifact of their software compartmentalization.


Yeah that's the parts people are annoyed at. I'm thinking they're just slow getting the update into the RA2 software... hoping anyways.

Or left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing...

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Very likely.

RA2 Select has integrations with Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, and Honeywell wifi thermostats that full RadioRA 2 does not.

I'd find the Harmony integration to be useful. To use the Harmony remote lighting buttons in Hubitat requires a SmartThings hub and HubConnect (Harmony has a SmartThings integration).

Do you have more details? I might be interested. I looked online and couldn't find anything. Thanks

Ahh yeah see I forgot about those. I guess because I don't use any of them.

If you're L1 contact Lutron mylutron support. There are no details online.

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