Lutron Telnet excessive hub load

I have fairly regular issues where my Hubitat stops responding and I have to unplug it and plug it back in (not ideal, I know) and I also have to restart all the devices on my network - router, extender, cable modem, Hue hub, Lutron hub, Hubitat... And it takes a LONG time (at least 20 minutes) before the Hubitat becomes available via the app or browser, and then the Lutron integration is still shaky for a few minutes.

I am not well versed in understanding the Hubitat logs, but I suspect something about the Lutron integration is choking up the Hubitat.

I see this fairly often in the logs... Device 129 generates excessive hub load on line 156 (method heartbeat)

Device 129 is the Lutron hub

Looking at device stats the Lutron is clearly excessive compared to other devices:

I don't really know where to go from here, what settings would resolve this or how to further troubleshoot. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.

Having to reboot your entire network is highly unusual.
Having been using multiple instances of the lutron integration across multiple hubs for years i can say that its not the cause of whats hapening in your case.

I would look at other apps and or devices.

The error can be misleading because once the hub gets into a really bad state EVERYTHING appears to be causing excessive load.

Enable all the columns on the apps and device stats pages, then lets see what those look like. Ideally after the hub has been running for a few hours at least.

@mike.maxwell I assume the Lutron integration has some sort of failsafe if the Lutron hub is un-reachable so that it does not pound on the connection non-stop trying to reconnect?

Theres some sort of ip networking issue at play here

Yes that's what I was thinking as well, wasn't sure if the networking issue could be causing the Lutron integration to go into a tailspin and take out the hub?

Its probably not helping, but having to reboot all the ethernet equipment to get everything working is clearly an issue that needs to be resolved first.

I think it is going to be helpful if you answer a lot of the questions on this post linked below (especially the connection / offline section). Also give full screenshots of the device and app stats pages with all the columns enabled (default sorting).

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Ok thank you everyone. I'll go through that post and reply here tomorrow with as much detail as I can provide.

It's entirely possible that the entire network restart isn't necessary, but it has just become my routine when the Hubitat freezes up. I can't connect to it using the app, browser, port 8081, nothing, and my router (with DHCP reservation) shows the Hubitat but the IP is

I wonder if the issue is that it's just taking a really long time for the Hubitat to fully start up. Maybe a soft reset and restore is in order.

A few possibilities - jumbo frames or wifi enabled.

Here are the entire device and app stat pages.

Here are answers to the questions in the Read First post.

  • Try to connect to the diagnostic tool on port 8081:

I can't connect to the hub at all. No automations work - button presses on smart switches and Picos do nothing, Amazon devices report "not responding" for things like turning on/off lights, setting thermostat temp.

Model of hub Rev C-7
Platform version

  • How is it connected to the LAN?

Netgear Nighthawk R7450 is connected to the cable modem. Hue Hub is wired to the router. In the living room, I have a Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 extender and the Hubitat is wired to that along with the Lutron hub.

Hubitat hub is set TO DHCP with a reservation in the router. Network speed set to auto.

Hub is powered with the power supply that came with it.

Total devices about 10. Zooz switches, Roku TVs, Amazon Echos, a Hue motion sensor, Hue bulbs (via Hue Hub), Amazon Blink camera module and 4 cameras.

All Zwave no Zigbee for the switches etc.

No user nor custom integrations that I'm aware of although I'm not entirely sure what they mean by custom. I have installed things that I've found on the forums by pasting the code in, but nothing that seemed like highly experimental or anything.

Have you tried doing a backup and restore?

Any reason firmware is not updated? You are 3 versions behind.