Lutron Smart Away Scene activation


I have a Hubitat 8 Pro and various Lutron Dimmers and Picos.

I have a 2 button Pico where I would like it to activate a "smart away" scene.

  1. Does Hubitat have the ability to activate a native scene from Lutron app?

  2. Does Hubitat offer an alternative that would create the same effect?
    Essentially the smart away function turns on and off random selected lights at random times to make it appear that someone is at home.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Activating a native scene from Lutron app - no.

I assume you have the Lutron Pro hub and that it is integrated to Hubitat? If not, you will need to do that.

Once the Lutron switches and Pico remotes are linked to the Hubitat hub, the sky’s the limit! You can absolutely turn on and off random selected lights at random times using Rule Machine or one of several community apps that were built to do that.

Thanks for the response.

I have integrated all the remotes, switches and dimmers to Hubitat.

How do I create the random rules in the Rule Machine? I dont see how to do that?

I dont know any community apps that can do this. Do you have any to recommend please?

Maybe this will help? Random lighting

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@jameslslate provided a link that has some great examples and solutions.

Here is a RM rule I created to randomize the light in a room. One of these can be created per switches, and the parameters can be updated to match your house habits:

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As long as your "smart away" scene shows a button assignment in your integration report you should be able to activate it with a button push.

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