Lutron ramp rate?

any way of adjusting the lutron ramp rate? i usually have them set for 70% on smarthings. they seem so slow getting up to the level i want. on smarthings, i used webcore and set level and it was almost instant on. here take a while to get up to the level

How are you controlling your Lutron devices within Hubitat? Hubitat Elevation supports selecting the ramp rate and passes that on to the Lutron device.

just started this yesterday so. i setup with motion. cant find no ramp rate. i used webcore the same as i did for smarthings.

Sorry, can't help you with webCoRE.

In Hubitat, setLevel(level, rate) is implemented in most of the drivers, including the Lutron dimmer driver. Rule Machine and Scene both offer the ability to set that rate.

ok willing to use rule machine but i didn't see in there

Under Actions, select the dimmers section, and the set these dimmers action offers rate.

is this what u talking about

if so i set the fade to 0 and still slow

What kind of Lutron device?


I don't know how to get them to ramp instantly. Try it from the device page.

i dont see anything there under devices either

Is your dimmer on the Device list?


Top number is level, bottom number is fade time.


How does the device respond if you turn it on from the CasΓ©ta mobile app?

very fast from the app. i set 70 and 0 in the device itself and same. then tried 70 and 100 same exact rate it seems. app is was faster. smarthings and webcore was same as the app.

How long is it taking from device?

if i watch the switch when turning on the lights. the lights are slow to go up. if i use the app the fly up to the level i want

What is slow? How many seconds?