Lutron Motion and telnet

I have finally been on a kick to make better use of my Hubitat, and have been struggling with motion detectors to use. I thought this was all solved when I bought the Lutron Caseta motion detectors and the Lutron Pro hub over a year ago. Currently I just use the Luton app, for basic automation, but now that I have added the Konnected hardware, the Lutron is extremely limiting, as they don't seem to be able to talk through Hubitat.

When I first looked at posts, I saw that Lutron had refused to open Telnet, so I initially gave up... but recently when I was looking at some logging, and saw Lutron telnet messages, I had renewed hope that it was now allowed and added. I spent more time trying to have Habitat recognize the motion status to trigger events... but still no luck.

I currently have a C5, but I have seen mention of C7 and Lutron telnet...

I would really appreciate some help.


The Lutron motion detector events do not get passed through telnet so there isn't anything for Hubitat to read from it..

Yes Lutron integration for both c5 and c7 are done through telnet. You must have the Pro 2 bridge to be able to use telnet and Lutron integration on telnet.

I just double-checked - I am not seeing my Lutron Motion Sensor generate any telnet traffic to the hub.


Lutron doesn't send motion events over the telnet interface. Doesn't matter whether you have a C-5, a C-7, or some other third-party hub that integrates with the Lutron Caséta Bridge Pro over the telnet interface.

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You can get Caséta motion sensors in Hubitat via Home Assistant and the Home Assistant Device Bridge.


Since Lutron doesn’t expose their motion sensors through telnet, you can only do what automation the Lutron app allows, which is very basic, such as turning off/on or dimming based on motion detected. While you can decide what time of day to have it turn on/off or dim, you can’t have it dim at different levels at different times during the day.

So you may want to put your Lutron dimmers where you need something very simple, such as perhaps garage or closet.

For more sophisticated automation, you will need need to use a motion sensor that is paired directly to Hubitat, and then you can do almost any type of complex automation involving your Lutron lighting.

Or, as mentioned above, you can use Home Assistant, although some find Home Assistant a bit complicated.

Thanks for the replies... I'll be looking for other motion detectors... Immensely frustrated with Lutron... It was the resin I bought them with the Pro hub... "We do some telnet, but not all"

That's the only thing that doesn't. Most people buy Lutron for the switches/dimmers (they're tanks and you can't beat them). Perhaps when leap integration is used they will work.

It's a bummer they don't telnet, but they are fast & reliable so I use a couple in places I can always just let them do their thing (laundry room and back-door mudroom area).

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The Lutron motion ("occupancy" and "vacancy") sensors can still be useful in Hubitat (in some cases). I have one in my shop. It is paired up to a Lutron switch that controls an overhead socket. I also have several four foot fluorescent fixtures because my old eyes need a lot of light when I'm working. Those fixtures are plugged into a Zooz Zen06 plug-in outlet. The Zooz outlet is synchronized to the Lutron switch using the "Mirror Me" app. The result is that the Lutron motion sensor controls the Zooz outlet (indirectly) in addition to the overhead light.


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