Lutron integration

I have a number of Lutron devices. I followed the instructions to set up the interface with Hubitat and my devices appear in my device list, but when I try to control them (ie turn on, turn off, dim, etc.) nothing happens. I have been basically been told to pound sand by Hubitat support. Anybody have an idea?

Must be more to it than that...

Which Lutron devices exactly?


I'd usually put a welcome message here but with you making a disparaging comment instead of saying "support hasn't helped" and that you've read this forum for a whopping 6 minutes before doing so I just can't bring myself to do it.

If you search this forum I believe you'll find your answer.


Welcome to Hubitat.

Really? That is not what any of my interaction with support has gone like. I would love to see exactly what they said.

Can you see anything in the logs? (open in separate window or tab) Post any messages here.

Can you give us a screenshot of what your Lutron app (in Hubitat) looks like, and maybe one of the affected devices?

Did you set a static IP address (address reservation) in your router for both Hubitat and Lutron? That is a cause of lots of issues if devices are looking for each other at the wrong address.

And just as a side note, you won't be able to post these screenshots directly until you spend time on this board, read posts, and a so on. It is a bot prevention step. So you might have to temporarily use a picture hosting site or just follow the steps below to get to the next trust level.


As the others have said, more details are needed to troubleshoot this. To begin with, do you have fixed IPs assigned to both the Hubitat hub and the Lutron bridge (Caseta Pro, or Radio RA2)?


Before i reveal my ignorance, I would like to say that I am not technologically inept - I am simply obsolete. I spent 30 years programming large IBM mainframes. That said, I am lost in today’s world of internet, WiFi and the latest technology in general. I have been unable to figure out how to send you the screenshots of my Hubitat environment. As I said, I was excited by the capabilities of Hubitat, but, unless I can get it to work with my Lutron devices, it is of little or no use to me.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.


Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, @jlvowell! I retired 11 years ago now and, though I had a very diverse background in computer/network software and hardware, I've had quite the time catching up this year because I've spent most of my time away from all that and in my woodshop. That said, It feels good getting back in the saddle.

The issue you're having with uploading to this community is because you're too new and haven't reached the next "trust level" where you'll be able to do that. It's done to prevent bots from trashing this place and all you need to do is spend a bit more time reading here.

There is a Lutron Integration app that you can install that will handle all your needs here (it's a built-in so just add it in the Apps section) provided you have a Bridge Pro.

Oh, and let's not revisit the holly war as I was a DEC man. :wink:


Can you confirm that you have the Lutron Pro Bridge and not standard one? I assume so because I think that's the only way you could actually get devices to show up in Hubitat

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BTW, the reason I was disillusioned by Hubitat support is that, when I originally reported this problem, I was asked for screenshots of the Lutron integration report, the Hubitat Lutron app interface and my Device list. When I supplied these, I was told that the problem had been referred to the Engineering group. I inquired several times about the status of the request and each time was told simply that it was in the hands of Engineering. Then I suddenly received an email stating that the request was being closed because I had not followed up, despite my having repeatedly trying to find out the status.

Ah, I remember that now. It is never helpful to start a topic with bashing. There are much more constructive ways to engage a community, especially this one, that is extremely helpful in every way. But let's leave it at that and move forward in getting your stuff working.

Both myself and @stephen_nutt mentioned that you must have a Lutron Pro Bridge for it to work with Hubitat...Do you?

You can post screenshots here now that you have earned Trust Level 1 described in that document that I linked almost a week ago.

So let us see what you have going on by posting screenshots. Endlessly discussing that something does not work without context isn't getting us anywhere.

I will make that "me too".

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I do. In fact I bought one specifically so I could use Lutron with Hubitat.

And what about screenshots? We aren't able to guess what you have going on. You haven't even given a description of what is going on...

All we have learned is that you put in a support ticket.



Here are screenshots of everything I have. As I stated earlier, the problem is that I followed all the directions for including the Lutron Integration App. I even purchased the Lutron Pro Bridge so that I would have the correct hardware. After I added the Lutron devices per the instructions, they appeared in my device list as Lutron devices, but when I try to control them (ie Turn On, Turn Off, Dim, etc.) nothing happens.

Can you control them from the Lutron app? That is a prerequisite.

You aren't showing much with those screenshots. We don't need to see your dashboard, your hub discovery page, nor how you did screenshots.

And what about logs? Turn on all logging for a device like your floor lamp shown above, AND Lutron Telnet logging. You should get a bunch of logs each time you try a command from the floor lamp settings page.

You also forgot the most important screenshot, the only one we NEED to see, the Lutron Integrator app.



It is also important to know if the Lutron Caseta SmartBridge Pro hub has the TELNET feature enabled, has a reserved IP address, and is using the default username and password for the TELNET interface.


I don’t know how to access the Lutron Integration logs. Here is what I have. As you can see, the Hubitat log shows the commands. For John’s Floor Lamp being issued, but nothing happens at the device. Also, the device status is not correctly shown.

Hello, did you see my screenshots just above this that show what we need from you? You still have not included these very important screenshots. We especially need the Hubitat Lutron Integrator app page, my last picture in that series.

Also, these settings are unusual looking to me. I would expect IP and gateway to be 192.x.x.x NOT 10.x.x.x. And why a DNS here, I don't think you would need to set that, your router should handle that.


And speaking of which, please confirm you DID reserve an IP address in your router for both the Hubitat, and Lutron, correct?

It looks like Hubitat[quote="neonturbo, post:19, topic:56366"]
I would expect IP and gateway to be 192.x.x.x NOT 10.x.x.x.

This is a valid IP address. And appears to be on the same segment as the Hubitat hub in the previous screen shots.

Also, when DHCP is chosen in the Lutron app all the IP and DNS is populated from the router.

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