Lutron integration - Pico Pushed/Held vs Pico Pushed/Released option at setup


Put the Lutron hub on a static IP as soon as I connected it. I'll re-check but I'm sure I have it correct.

Yes, enabled Telnet in the Lutron app, that info in the guide was VERY emphatic. I'll check that again.

Since the Telnet error was back at 7:30, does that mean the Lutron tries and then gives up forever?

@danabw Also, did you by any chance change the password on the Lutron Hub for the Telnet interface? Hubitat assumes the password has NOT been changed from the default.

Try watching the hubโ€™s device details page for one of the Pico remotes while pressing the buttons on the Pico remote. Always best to verify the data is making it to the device before worrying too much about the automations.

I wasn't aware I could change the telnet PW, so no, haven't done that. :slight_smile: The only PW I've set related to the Lutron is the Lutron account PW.

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You did pair the Pico remote with the Lutron SmartBridge Pro, correct? I know that seems like an obvious question, but I just had to ask to be sure...


Uh-oh, this does not look right - shouldn't it know about the HE integration?

Nope, it does not know about Hubitat on that screen.

Mine shows only Sonos.

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Yes, all the picos were paired w/the Lutron hub, first thing I did.

Otherwise my integration report would have been empty.

They all appear in the Lutron app.

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You should have a device named something like Lutron Telnet. Open it up, and enable the Debug and Descriptive logging and click Save. You should then see more data in the live logs when you press the Pico buttons.

Also, did you try watching the device details page for one of the Picos while pressing its buttons?

Thanks - the logging is already enabled on the Lutron Telnet device page. :frowning: The Lutron Telnet Events list is empty.

I'll go to the Pico's device details page and see what I see...

I have a fresh failure of telnet, below.

DOH! Just realized something. I suspect it's that the Lutron is connected to my IoT VLAN, and telnet is blocked on that VLAN. I'll have to look into enabling it...right now the IoT VLAN devices only are allow access to the Internet, and can respond to connections made from the primary VLAN. I'll go figure that out... that seems like it's the issue.

Sorry - should have thought of that, but this is the first IoT device I've added that needs "special" access.

Actually, wait. The Hubitat hub is on the VLAN network as well, and the Lutron hub is talking to the Hubitat hub, right? So the telnet is within the IoT VLAN, which I think should be fine, I don't have any IoT device to IoT device restrictions on telnet that I'm aware of...

Did you enter the correct ip for your luttron bridge?

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Was just going back to check that again and have discovered something really zero key is not working. So I typed twenty and got "2" instead. It was, instead of the two being a twenty as required.

I pounded on the zero key a bunch and it is working every 4 or so tries. So it skipped when I put in the IP and I didn't notice.

Thanks for reminding me to check again. Pico works fine now, of course. Glad this turned out to be a simple one, sorry for all the trouble.

Time for some keyboard surgery and cleaing tonight - we have two small dogs and their hair gets everywhere, I'm almost afraid to look... <eek!>


Just had pretty much a first w/my wife.

Handed her her pico for the family room and she said things like "wow" and "it's so cool" and "where did you get this!?" I think it's pretty cool too, combined w/the Button Controllers app. If I had known about that app I would have moved over to Hubitat a long time ago. :slight_smile:

Never, ever do I get that reception to home automations. Really pleased. I may get four or five more smart home purchases in before she remembers to ask "How much did that cost?" :wink:

Thanks for the help, owe it all to you guys.

Almost key works again! 000000000000...the amount of crap in my keyboard was disgusting, including potato chips, cheetos, dog hair, dust/dirt, and other stuff that I couldn't even identify. But now I'm all cleaned up and ready to type.


Picos are cheap, so you can probably tell the truth in this case. :grin: Just omit the Bridge price from that conversation.

Button Controller works good, but don't forget that you can use Rule Machine and Simple Automations too depending upon what you are trying to do. Tons of creative uses for Picos.

And for the cleanest and easiest button controller app, try Advanced Button Controller. I have moved all but one thing from the Hubitat native Button Controller into this one.

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You are a samurai relationship master. :wink:

Thanks for the tip on ABC, I am heading off there now.

I REALLY wish they would release the C7 FW update - I want to wait for my ST full migration to HE until that is released so I start fresh w/all my Zwave stuff. Don't want it released sloppy, but I still want it now! :wink:

EDIT: LOL, I already had it installed...must have seen something posted about it here (maybe from you!) and forgot I had it!

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More weirdness...unplugged the Lutron hub to move it to another location, and then wife said no, not there, so I put it back pending more discussion about fashion vs. functionality.

Anyway, plugged it back in at the original spot and neither of the picos I had set up worked (one on Button Control and the other on Advanced Button Controller). There weren't any current (since reboot) button events from the buttons in the log or on their device pages, Telnet logs from the Lutron were inactive as well from the time at which I had unplugged/replugged the Lutron hub. I then rebooted my Hubitat hub, and both picos work again.

Is it normal for a reboot to be required on both hubs to reconnect after rebooting the Lutron?

Is there a simpler way to make them reconnect? Clearly pressing the remote buttons didn't help.

Update: Damn dog got me up at 5:30 AM so I moved the Lutron hub again (easier to ask forgiveness than permission ;)) and this time after plugging it in, I waited until it had fully booted up and then connected the ethernet cable. this time everything works w/out rebooting the Hubitat hub. So unless that was dumb luck, maybe that's the best way to restart it...

Hubitat will automatically detect the Telnet session has been lost, and will then periodically try to reconnect. I keep all of these devices on UPS power which really helps reduce the 'startup race conditions' that occur after a power loss event. Glad to hear everything is now working well. I started with just Picos, and found we all liked Lutron so much, that I coverted all of my home's in-wall swicthes, dimmers, and fan controllers over to Lutron Caseta using their screwless Claro faceplates as well. It is a nice clean look that my wife really likes. She also is happy to be rid of the old almond color switches from 1993.


Thanks! It does look like the Lutron line is pretty nice, but I think my wife would have an anuerysm if I replaced all our "perfectly good!!" switches. :wink:

We are going to do some new construction later this year, and I will probably go w/Lutron for that area, since I can bury it in the overall project, where it will be pennies compared to what she is spending on her remodel. :smiley:


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